Thursday, January 31, 2008

Family & Friends

Cherish your human connections: your relationships with friends and family. - Joseph Brodsky

Today is the little man's birthday. He is now twelve and wanted to stay home from school...NO! He did give it a hell of an effort though and if he keeps this up I see an Academy Award in his future!

He screamed for at least the first six months of his life and yes I mean screamed. The day after he was born when they took me down to have my tubes tied, one of the nurses carried him around the whole time trying to calm him- it didn't work. Had him checked but no reason for it...just he screamed. I would go to my mom's during the day and she would eventually get tired of hearing it and say "You can go home now!" The older kids didn't want anything to do with him because he did not shut up! He didn't sleep much either. The more everyone wanted to get away from him the more I cuddled him. He is still my cuddler but will deny that vehemently in front of anyone other than family, but will admit he is spoiled.

This week has had it's ups and downs. And when I say "downs" I mean falling down. Gravity and I have been having a battle and gravity is winning. Tuesday I slipped on the ice going to the garage and wretched my back. Wednesday I slipped in the mud while doing the chickens and ducks and hurt my right shoulder. In typical "it only hurts when I do this" it hurts only when I shrugmy shoulder. All made better by the ups...

Friends are relatives you make for yourself. - Eustache Deschamps

Tuesday night we invited a friend and ex-neighbor (we drove her crazy, she had to move) over for dinner. We had it at Mom's so she could be involved. After dinner several other friends came over and Mom took out some yarn and started to teach one of them to crochet. In the every day this may not seem significant but here it is huge. Mom's hands were raw just a short time ago and it was hard for her to even get dressed as she couldn't even snap a snap. She was exhausted at the end of the night but was so happy. It was truly an excellent night.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was able to work on something just for me. I bought the Interweave Knit Holiday edition just so I could have the pattern for the teddy bear. I love teddy bears, the older raggy well loved ones are the best! I did however keep putting it off because it has lots of little pieces (yuck) and you have to sew it together (2X yuck). As of right now he looks like this...

I have named him Oliver! He doesn't look like much right now but wait until this weekend when I go get stuffing. I am going to start sewing him up today which is why the little man could not stay home. I will need peace and quiet, total concentration and I will probably say lots of dirty words...and I don't mean mud!

And on another up note, after I finished pinning Oliver down I gave my back a stretch by going into the greenhouse and doing some cleanup. It was so nice in there I had to take the jacket off and work in my t-shirt. I eventually had to open a vent before I roasted. I had to sort thru alot of boxes of gardeing supplies from my aunt's house and after 2 hours I think I made a considerably large dent in it. My seed order is complete and I will be placing orders on Saturday.

The pi afghan is now on bigger needles and when I need a break from/give up trying to sew Oliver together Iwill have that to fall back on. Wish me luck!

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cyndy said...

I had a lovely time the other night, and it did my heart good to see everyone (esp. your mom!)

Can't help it, I'm laughing to myself over all those part's to Oliver! Because I know how much you detest weaving in all the loose must be love....