Saturday, January 05, 2008

The start of January 2008

"There are two seasonal diversions that can ease the bite of any winter. One is the January thaw. The other is the seed catalogues."- Hal Borland

I guess this is the bite of winter.... we awoke to temps like this on January 3...... and this on January 4......So I am a little skeptical about that diversion of a January thaw but the weatherman says it will be 50 by Tuesday. We shall wait and see.

So far as the seed catalogues, I have only breifly glimpsed at them while walking up from the mail box. I know I should be preparing but it is too soon after Christmas. I think I am on a hiatus as I haven't really knit, spun or read much. I did dye some wool and #2 daughter wanted peek-a-boo mitts from it so I started them and I have one done except for the thumb.

So what would explain this lack of interest in fiber or gardening? I have been sick with a stomach virus but it can't all be blamed on that. Sitting here I think I lost this about the same time I got married....Do you think I should run that by him? No, me either! I have been experiencing the ultra sensitivity in my arm and hand, as I stopped doing my excercises. I guess I should start doing them again and stop trying to blame it on the man.

Off to chip ice out of buckets and maybe start those excercises while I wait on the weatherman's predictions.


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yep! if you get the nice weather we've had here, East River South Dakota, you have a thaw, on the way....we didn't make 50, but low 40's, anyway! It was a nice break!, but they tthe storm that's on the West Coast will be knocking on our door, by Wenesday..
Congrats, on your wedding! My hubby & I lived together for 9 years, before we decided it was ''time''.........