Friday, April 29, 2005

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The New Additions

Tuesday a fox got Crackers (a khaki campbell) and her mate Ritz was getting beat up by the Pekin ducks so we decided to bring him down to the house and let him recoup. Wednesday we went to go get him a new mate and ended up coming home with two Indian Runner ducks instead. Thursday all was going well with them he was acting like a dad to them and then that night while we were up at the barn here comes the Ritz to go to bed up there...he walked about 1/4 of a mile to get back to his old pen!. We brought him back home and couldn't find the Indian Runners. This morning we looked again and nothing. Then about 10 I was going to Moms and they were both outside the pen trying to get in, so I have decided to call them Lost & Found. But there is more....Curt had to go back to pick up a female Khaki last night and while there he got two Angora goats ...(MOHAIR!!) so I have my first fiber animals. Their coats grow about an inch each month so they need to be sheared twice a year so I will have plenty to spin.
The peas are in!!! The asparagus is coming up!!!! Now I just have to plant the leek and the new asparagus. I will do that tomorrow nah Sunday. Tomorrow Tori has a birthday party and I have to go pick up the trees/shrubs I ordered and it is suppose to rain again.
OH!!!! After careful consideration and mind numbing deliberation we have decided we ARE going to the Maryland Sheep & Wool. I had decided against it as there is soooo much to be done but Cyndi found out she is going and "all work and no play" and all that and how in the world could I disappoint my favoritest great niece Becca and not deliver farm fresh eggs, so I am going, I am going. I will probably live to regret it but what the hell. I just read a book that said you can never have too much wool. I believe what I read.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Butt Ugly Rooster Posted by Hello

The Butt Ugly Rooster

The rooster looks sooo ugly without his tail feathers. It seems the fox while trying to get a dinner at my expense got the last end over the fence. We checked the rooster out and he is okay - not as cocky as he was- but still crowing! I was watching Animal Planet with Tori and they were putting wing extensions on a parrot because someone had clipped his wings ...wonder if they do tail feather extensions.

We officially got 2.2 inches of rain between Friday and Saturday. This has put a damper on the yard work. The broccoli are up and some cabbage. The corner flower/pond area is raked, the manure is on the gardens. The peas are still not in. I was whining (yes I do that) to Cyndy asking why I don't just say the hell with it and buy my veges and meat and don't plant a garden, have a farm and just have a yard and no flower beds - think of all the free time I would have to spend with the kids/knit/crochet/spin/weave/read. She said it was in my genes. I have to wonder then where Mark and Joyce came from?!?! I got to go to PJ's garden shop yesterday to pick up plants for the boy scouts to plant on Monday. I also picked up some for the front of the bank. Oh and some tomato plants crawled in the flat along with a 4 pack of red cabbage. I tried to get them out but they wouldn't budge. :D

On the fiber front. I plied two commerical yarns together on two bobbins to use on a shawl. I finished the 5 foot purple tweedy shawl, did two 3 foot tri's, plied the green together then made a 3 foot tri in twill with it and now I have to do the April Square. I was thinking a basket weave (for Easter which came early just to confuse me). Oh and I finished the back or front (they are both the same) of the baby boat neck sweater. I want to do another pair of socks ...but which one? Will have to play on the net and find what I want!

On the family front- got a letter from the FRG and it says Jessica's "Salute and Send-Off " is June 23 from Camp Shelby. Can't wait till she comes home on June 8 -17. She wants to have Thanksgiving and Christmas while she is here so we have much to do.

Tori and JT were talking about the new pope in the car on the way to Honesdale yesterday. The conversation went like this...
.JT "I bet you don't know the new pope's name"
Tori "Yes, I do it is Pope Benedict the 16th"
Curt "Good job Tori"
JT " I bet you don't know what his middle name is"
Tori "Uh huh...It's Benedict Arnold"!!!!!
After we gathered our composure we explained all.

Cliff is still working hard...and still driving my car. I can honestly say my son has driven my car more than I have since I got it. I miss my car. :^( It's a piece of junk (Cliff's description) but I like it.

Well I am off to get the animals into their little homes for the night and the kids showered. And then the socks....

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Finally Got In The Greenhouse!!

Finally got in to the greenhouse and started some seeds.
Tomatoes - Hybrid Ruby Nectar (freebie), Amish Paste, Green Zebra, Riesentraube, Blondekopechen, Black Pear, Yellow Pear, Mortgage lifter, Thai pink egg, Juliet, Pineapple

Cabbage - Copenhagen Early Market, Glory of Enkhuizen

Broccoli- Atlantic, Windsor, Early Green

Peppers- Cubanelle, Black Hungarian, Tequila Hybrid (freebie)

Planted the onion sets and feel extremely tired and totally relieved to have this done. Now I can sit back a little. Tomorrow I want to plant the lettuce and Osaka Mustard in some beds and cover them with mini greenhouses.

But for now I need to go take a shower and sit my hands in a tub of lotion as I didn't wear gloves and have paid the price. No fiber work tonight.

Friday, April 08, 2005


Took JT to the ear nose and throat doctor on Wednesday and he doesn't need his tonsils and adnoids taken out but does need tubes put in his ears. They have planned this for May 10th. JT is scared and I quote "don't know why we have to hear anyhow".

Got to clean out the green house garden last Friday and Mom and I worked on the main garden this week but still lots to do before Curt can rototill. The fact we had 4 inches of rain held us off a little too.

On the farm front. Jingles is doing fine in his new home. Houdini hasn't gotten out (knock on wood) the ducks are sitting on eggs and the rooster is going to meet the stock pot real soon because he is starting to attack his owners. (Dumb rooster) We got 240 brown eggs, 39 white eggs and 105 duck eggs in March. The duck egg number is really higher than stated as I didn't count what she has in the nest.
Now we have to clean pig pen and pour cement floor, roto all the gardens, haul manure to main garden, start plants in greenhouse, redo fence line in barb wire instead of electric....I need more Curts!!!!

In the fiber area....I am blahing. I have a purple (Jess's purple) on the loom, spun up the green, and knit a hat which ended up smaller than I wanted but thats about it. But I am sure a trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival will cure me of the fiber blahs....(tax return is due 3 days before we go!!! I love the IRS sometimes they are soooo timely)...only 29 more days to see all that fiber, wool in every imaginable color and texture, silk, alpaca,llama, yak, camel, buffalo, dyes galore, patterns and new tools and gadgets (I am hyperventilating, remind self to bring smelling salts in case of fiber overload). Only one downer Mom was going to go but now says she can't because of the dog. I say put Chips in a kennel but that costs money and mom wont pay it. And no that dog is not going on a 6 hour ride in a car with me- she whines the whole time, drives you insane.

Jessica is doing well. Tornado was 15 miles away the other day. She leaves for California on May 9. So from today there in only....61 days till she comes home! She called this a.m. - said she doesn't call anyone else but Ali and I cause talking to us makes her sad enough. Also she can "bitch at you guys" and what deprive everyone else? Please share that part my daughter!!

Well I need more coffee and it won't come to me so I am off to get some and then go outside and do something constructive. Hope everyone has a great weekend.