Monday, February 21, 2011

Where did the time go?

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” ~Confucious

I received a Nook for my birthday but with canning still in full steam and then the holidays right on it’s heels, I didn’t have time to fully appreciate it. Recently however, I have been downloading book after book. On top of that I usually read anything that the kids bring home for one of their classes. I use to read incessantly much to the chagrin of my children but put books aside to learn to spin and knit. Those two hobbies sucked up all the old reading time.

Now each day is a struggle between finishing a book, knitting a couple of rows or spinning. The weather is finally starting to change so my hobby time is going to dwindle as soon as the ground thaws so I have been trying to cram in as much as possible.

Friday, I finished a book so Saturday I started working on the Juneberry Triangle by Jared Flood. I did say I wanted something in lace and in wool and this fit it to a tee. I had wanted this pattern when I saw it but gardening had just started and then I forgot about it. The trip to Ravelry reminded me. I am not big on charts so I have been writing each row out, tedious but it will be worth it.

Besides that we have been…..

… ice fishing. As I hadn’t been in a long time, I decided to go along. We left and it started to snow. We drove in near white out conditions to the lake. The snow stopped but the winds just kept wailing.

What I didn’t realize was this was not my daddies type of ice fishing but one with all the creature comforts of home.

 That little clam keeps you warm while you are staring out the windows to see a flag go up. Of course the lawn chairs keep you comfortable and cell phones get great reception so you are able to call, text and surf the web all while sitting there jigging. I went for a walk but there had been a thaw and then more snow so about 6 inches down was a layer of water, then two foot of ice. You would be walking and sink, step, sink, step, sink. We hadn’t noticed it while traipsing out to the middle of the lake as it was still rather cold but it warmed a little and the walk back to shore was a lot harder. Alas the creature comforts of home did not result in a single bite….other than frost!

…doing some work around the house. My staircase finally got a railing, a coat of stain and some poly.

Steps and handrail I would paint all the time but the darn balusters were a pain in the butt. If it ever gets done again it won’t be by me.

…doing some auto repairs. We took the man’s truck into the garage for an inspection. We were told it needed a tailpipe. While this was not unexpected news, the weeks wait for a part was. Thankfully we have two vehicles. The man had to take my car and I was stranded at home. A week later the wrong part arrived and we had to wait another week. Normally I don’t go anywhere but the fact that I couldn’t drove me nuts. Supposedly tomorrow the truck will be done. My car will once again be mine, to sit in the drive and go no where….after I clean it from his misuse!

...doing some sewing together of pieces for lapghans.  This one got rid of three full skeins and some leftover black.  Quick, portable, super easy....I foresee more. 

....received all our seeds for this years garden.  Soon I will be starting seeds....but not yet.

The kids finally finished their second semester of school no thanks to school delays/closings. Today was to have been a make up day but 6 or 7 inches let them stay home once again.  If this keeps up they won't have a summer vacation and I won't have garden helpers.