Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Spring has me hopping

Trying to keep up with all the end of the school year stuff and doctor/dentist appointments boy/girl scouts and gardening is exhausting me. The heat wave we are in hasn't helped either.
As an update of what is going on...the blackberries are blooming as is the sweet rocket along the road and my iris'. We had t-storms last night and it brought up the second planting of peas and the cuc's. The potato's are up and the bettles are already eating them. Mom and I have been picking them off to lessen the distruction. In my garden is planted the grape/cherry/pear tomatoes, basil, parsley, yellow squash, garlic, jalapeno peppers, black hungarian peppers, beets, carrots, lettuce, peas, australian butter squash and one other that I can't remember right now. In Mom's we only got in the broccoli, cuc's, peas, potatoes and beans. We need to get the cabbage, corn, and tomatoes in as soon as we are able to walk in there, right now it is really wet and they are calling for more rain.
The goats and sheep are getting along by staying at different ends of the pasture. We lost two ducks down by the house to what we think is a fox. The female duck was setting on a nest of 7 eggs too, something came and ate them too. The other duck which we call Sister Mary Margaret is now setting on eggs. We went and bought two more ducks to replace the ones we lost, both are female Indian Runners.
I haven't been doing much fiber stuff to hot. I knit up baby mittens and bought some knit magazines at yard sales that I am looking thru. Curt made me a hand spinner similar to the rakestraw and I have spun a little on that.
Now I am off to get the kids in the showers and hit the bed as all the good tv shows have already ended.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Important things first....Cyndy's husband was moved out of ICU and into Special Care and then yesterday he was moved into a regular room. Now they are talking of moving him to rehab!!! Doctors say they are thrilled with his progress! Still a long road but maybe with a few less curves, that would be nice.

And to keep a list of first sitings for Cyndy-last week on the way to her house I saw a bear, then yesterday I saw the first doe with her fawn and a yellow swallowtail butterfly.

I haven't planted her tomatoes yet because it rained and rained and rained and we woke up to frost this morning. Maybe I will do some today when I am up putting up the trellis for her pea's, which will be after it warms up a little!

Homefront area- My mother and I are going to Puerto Rico in August! My daughter bought us both tickets to go visit with my sister for Mothers Day. She also bought Curt one for his birthday so you know a visit to the rum factory is going to be on the itinerary! I have never been to PR so I am very excited but not as excited as I am over the fact that Jess will be home before that!!!! 24 days and counting down I told her she should come with us but she is going to a Warped Tour instead.

Fiber area-frogged the shirt and reknit, messed up again and threw it in a heap and will deal with it when I am ready which isn't any time soon. I did spin up another bobbin of the alpaca/finn I got from Grace . I am spinning it at 18 wpi /2 ply- thinnest I have managed so far! Another thing I got from Grace was two Finn lambs. Curt brought them home last night and he said how could someone not fall in love with them! They have beautiful open faces and such expressive eyes. We have to name them still but I am sure the kids will have tons of ideas in that area. It was too dark to take pictures last night so I will do that to day and show you how cute they are.

Now I am off to do inside work until it warms up outside.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Need to Frog

I gave in and paid for the Rowan book so I could get the pattern I wanted. But I didn't buy the Rowan glimmer yarn. I bought my yarn off of ebay, it is a bulky cotton like I need. I started the project and just kept going with it. I got to row 27 and went back to read directions....I had decreases starting back on row 16. I need to frog it but haven't done it yet as I am mad at myself for not paying attention.

I have been spinning the finn/alpaca I got from Grace and it is the thinnest I have ever spun. I can't wait to finish a bobbin so I can ply it and find out what my wpi are.

I didn't make it to MD S&W but family members did and I had them make purchases for me. I got two pounds of Cormo roving from Foxhill Farm (I LOVE this stuff) and I got a jacob fleece from Swayze Inn Farm. The cormo I'm keeping but the jacob fleece I gave away to a friend. I will have to buy myself one when I work through some of what I have because it was beautiful.

Cyndy's husband is still in ICU but everyday is getting better. They have a long haul and lot's of work in front of them but they have lot's of people waiting here in town ready to help whenever, doing whatever they may need help with when they get back home.

We got some rain last night...first rain in over two weeks. The tree's and garden are going to go nuts!!! The next week is suppose to bring showers almost everyday! I have broccoli that needs to go in and I want to plant Cyndy's tomato plants for her. My tomatoes aren't big enough to go in yet, she got a head start on her's.

Now I am off to the firehouse to help set up for a Mother's Day Breakfast they do. Just in case I don't get in front of the computer again before than I wish everyone A Happy Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Prayers Needed

Today is National Day of Prayer which is an annual event in which millions of American unite to pray for our country and leaders. On a personal level, this is a prayer request for Cyndy of . Her husband is having very serious health issues. Cyndy being a very private person would not want me going into detail but it is serious, happened out of the blue and will involve some long term recovery. So if everyone could just say a quick prayer I know the family would appreciate it. Thank You