Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hopefully winters last hurrah

Yesterday when I returned from spinning it just started to snow...white out like snow. I turned on the Weather Channel and the expert said we were in the pink- meaning 12 + inches. I guess I should be thankful we only got the 6.5.

I did see robins..I have pictures to prove it! I saw snowdrops (the flowers) and the bleeding heart and angelica coming up...On Tuesday I bought a rake to clean up the garden that didn't get worked on last fall and on Wednesday we got 6.5. It seems everytime I spend money on seed, chickens, rakes etc we get shitty weather.......sooooooo I guees that means I should just spend $$ on fiber!!! There is a happy side to everything!!!!

44 days until the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!!! Did you notice that 44 and $$ are on the same key? Is that a coincidence?!?! dodododo!!

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Sunday, March 20, 2005


Spring is officially here! And to top it off I got to see my first robin. I had heard they were here but I don't count it until I see them and I did, I did!!! There was a time earlier in the day when the albino raindrops made me doubt that spring was here but they quickly went away when the temperature rose.

Typical week, boy scouts (missed it as I was chasing a cow), work, no 4H (leader leaving for NC) girl scouts (we got to bring the snack this week Yahoo!! THAT was NOT sarcasm...okay yes it was) work, and then Friday was a sad day as we gave Jingles a new home. His new owners have a horse so he will have a friend. On the way to Bingo (Curt won $150!!) we saw them both out in the field so all is going well between them and hopefully he will be happy there. Tori can go visit anytime and she gets to see him going to and from school. Oh also signed both kids up for spring soccer. I was going to wait till the fall but....I guess I figured we just did not have enough to we will have practice two nights a week and a game every Friday starting April 22 and ending (supposedly) the first week of June.

Cliff painted the boys room today and when he was done promptly took off for the mall and left all the putting things away and clean up for Curt and I...We do have to love them don't we?!?!?? But in all fairness the whole time he was painting I was spinning and winding skeins off the bobbins and setting the twist. I have four skeins hanging to dry and I have decided to take the purple and make Jess a shawl as soon as it is dry. I figure when she wraps it around herself it will be like a hug from home. By the way she is coming home June 8th and then leaves June 17th. This will be the last time we get to see her before she leaves for Iraq. I am not going to handle it very well as I start crying just thinking of it. So for now I am going to pull the same stunt I did when I was a kid and play the roll of Scarlet O'Hara....I'll think about it tomorrow!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Harbinger of Spring

My Spring countdown clock says there is 6 days and 22 hours to wait. However last night I went to my brothers house to babysit my nephews and got a true sign of spring....eau de skunk! Although on normal days (?what's that?) I hate the smell of skunk -last night I loved it! It motivated me to order my baby chicks, which I did this morning. I ordered 15 Light Brahama's... and 10 Silver spangled Hamburgs... and 5 Blue Andalusians... and I get a free "exotic"! So on June 13 there will be 31 little peepers!!!!

And I am even going to dig my way to the greenhouse and start cleaning it up from last year! Then over a hot cup of coffee I will plan out the three gardens. Yes I guess I have been biten!

On the fiber front I knit the umbilical cord hat, actually two of them...In a demented moment it even makes you want a baby to put it on....when reality came back I shuddered and decided I will pack it away for future grandchildren...God I am getting old...I said grandchildren.....

Thursday, March 10, 2005

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And so we continue...

I got a new book from my sis...Stitch and Bitch! There is an umbilical cord hat that I want to do today if I get motivated. Then there is Pippi Kneestockings. I also bought myself a used copy of Weekend Knitting. I would love to do the Cozy airchair socks, petticoat socks, and the baby's pure & simple cardigan. Nothing like setting yourself up for a fall heh?
But I have been accomplishing something. I finished Tori's socks. I love her but she has Frodo feet (think Lord of the Rings). I also spun up some Rit dyed purple wool to make something for Jess (don't know what just something) and I did the ugly shawl. It is all the little pieces leftover from other projects. It is a merino, alpaca, wool, beet dyed, black walnut dyed, annato dyed, double ply, navajo ply mass which still needs to be fringed and blocked.
When I started reading Stitch & BitchI found there is a saying on page 9 that says "you ain't shit if you don't knit" well I turned the page and started laughing my ass off when I saw it because Jess & Cliff keep making up these stupid sayings about my knitting, crocheting and spinning such as "you're a winner if you're a spinner" or "It will ruin your day if you don't crochet" and they had said that same saying "you aint shit if you don't knit" I wonder should I worry that the author is like my kids or hope my kids turn out like the author?

On the old homefront....JT may not need to go under the knife. They (the ear/nose/throat docs ) think that the reason his eardrum doesn't move is because of an infection behind it. So they put him on some hightest antibiotics for two weeks and then we go back in April for a re-evaluation. JT needlesss to say is estatic and is willingly taking the meds! On the way home on Long Ridge I saw they were taking out the stone walls by the hunting lodge. It's sad they are taking away all that history for the almighty dollar. I know we have other stonewalls and canals but we are going to keep saying that until they are all gone and then we will go "oops". Ruined my ride home...Actually other than the docs news the whole trip sucked because on the way to the docs I encountered a frequent thing on our roads at this time of year....the eagle watchers. I am going around a blind turn on snow covered roads with guardrails on bothsides to stop you from going in the canal or the river with a car following...1/2 way into the turn BAM! there is an asshole stopped dead in the road. I am able to get the vehicle stopped and not hit or get hit. The asshole (sorry that is as polite as I can get) proceeds to roll down his window and signal me to go around him. Yes please sir let me go around you on a blind turn on snowy roads and endanger my life and my sons so you can see a f*** ing bird. I sat there, he finally got the hint and drove up the road and pulled into a driveway. Yes the birds are beautiful and we are lucky to have them but pull off in the pull off zones or take the tourbus. And happy happy joy joy trout season is getting ready to start. You know that time of year when if you live or own any property near water the tourist’s get to walk all over it and when you ask them to leave they get pissed off because you are ruining their day! Oh poor Mr. & Mrs. Tourist, I am sooooo sorry my living here inconveniences you in any way shape or form…NOT! And they call us yokels! My favorite cartoon is the one that says …”If it’s tourist season, why can't we shoot them?"!!!

Teeheehee I just realized this blog post turned into a real stitch and bitch!!!!!!!!!!!

Well anyhow here is something to leave you with....from my demented dreams.....Jess is getting married or just got married and we are in the milkhouse up at the barn. She says she is going back to the wedding and leaves to go to Bill's cabin (site of the wedding). She never gets there, all we find is her vail with pink insulation stuck to it. For eight days it snows. When it stops, Mom and I decide to walk the path in knee deep snow and look for her. For some reason Curt and Ali weren't ready to go and stayed at the milkhouse. We are walking sideways up the hill in knee deep snow and calling her name. We hear something from behind this outcropping. We start walking over to it and the snow starts to melt and we see pink fiberglass insulation. When we go around the corner there is Jess, not in her wedding dress but in a T-shirt and jeans laying on her side in a semi-fetal postion ( I have a pic of her laying in this exact position) She starts to sit up, gets to her knees and her head falls forward and then falls back and I grab her and we start to carry her out of the woods screaming to get an ambulance. The snow continues to melt to the point that there is only snow in the shadowy spots. As I am carrying her out of the woods and into the field she says that the way I am doing it is causing her underwear to chaff her butt ( don't laugh). Then flash we are all sitting in my livingroom and the door opens and in walks all the older kids (Jess & Cliff's age) in the neighborhood to hang out. Then I woke up.....Now you analyze that mess and I am going off to knit! Have a good one.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Made it thru February

Very stressful week. School delays, Jess/boyfriend problems that blew out of proportion but are finally settled and JT was home sick on Friday. Then Tori was sick on Sunday night. Then both were home on Monday and no school today! To make a long story short no fiber stuff got done other than some spinning and a weave on the 30 inch square. Seeds orders are coming in though and the ache to get into the dirt is starting. I keep looking at the snow and saying "no go back and do some fiber stuff- ignore the garden" but that hasn't worked. But I guess I will be inside longer than I want as we got 8 inches and they are calling for another nor'easter in the next 5-7 days.

Spoke to Jess and she told me she is going to be leaving for California on May 9th. After about 20 days in California she will be allowed home for two weeks. I can't wait to see her.

Tori had an overnighter at the mall on Friday with her girl scout troop. They stayed up alllllll night. It is times like this that I am glad I no longer do girl scouts. I wouldn't last!!! Cookie sales are over and she sold 138 boxes of cookies. (Here I have to send out a hearty Thank You to Mark D. for his excellent help with this, she couldn't have done it without his help).

JT went to the Doctor on Monday for his hearing test and he failed again, but did do better than last time. We definitely need to make an appt with ear/nose/throat to see what to do- they are talking removing the adnoids, possible removal of tonsils, and putting tubes in.

On the farming front the chickens laid a total of 213 eggs this month and the ducks added in another 41!!! The ducks started laying again the second week of the month and haven't stopped.

Finished the knit square for the month but you can't see the hearts that I added in so Mary B said to embroidery around the hearts to hi-lite. I will have to try that and then get a pic up. Maybe this weekend while the kids are gone and Curt is salmon fishing. (I will miss them but I am soooo looking forward to Friday night when they all leave!)