Monday, October 17, 2005

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Rhinebeck....You walk up the knoll to the gate and you can just stand and inhale...It did nothing for Curt but it sure got my pulse going!!! So to put it in other words....I went- I spent! I felt- I smelt! I ate- I drank! I rode home in fiber heaven. I have to contain myself as present living conditions dictate restraint because of storage space....unless I get rid of the kids which although the thought usually goes thru all our minds...I can't. If I did who would tell me that everything I make is beautiful?! Come to think of it they usually tell me that when they want me to put whatever it is I am working on down and help them with/get them something. Alas they learn so early!
So I got (to work on in the comings months of freezing weather).....
1) a shetland fleece from the fleece tent
2) 1/2 # Corriedale roving from The Sheep Shed at Misty Mountain Farm It is copper, blue, rust and gold. I also bought some camel/tussah from them to try.
3) Roving called Earthworks (green & purple..Jessica's fav colors) from Delly's Delights Farm
4) 2 packages of plum colored flax roving and 1 of lilac from Lamb's Quarter's
5) 8 oz of camel down, 1 # bleached Irish Linen, and a bag of Sari silk thrums from Little Barn
6) Roving in a color called Forest from Stoney Mountain Fibers
I am hoping spinning flax wont be toooo bad otherwise it goes in the closet to await the time my spinning abilities are capable. I will post some pics as soon as I get done. I haven't downloaded them but it looks like they don't show the colors right. I could wait for better lighting but then it would pry never get done.
I spun another bobbin of the shetland I got at Endless Mt. I love the color. I have two large plying bobbins full of two ply that I have to wind off and I still have about 1/2 a pound left.
On the home front, the rain has stopped after 8 days. Saturday was beautiful, Sunday too except for the high winds which helped dry everything including the laundry. Got a lot of laundry done today too.
I picked apples at my neighbors on Saturday and combined with mine will make applesauce and hopefully cider on Wednesday. Had a cup full of hot apple cider at Rhinebeck and it tasted sooo good so I really need to get those apples pressed. I love hot spiced cider at night and when your sick it just hits the right spot.
The kids lost another soccer game. This is only the second year this area has had soccer so we are new and learning along the way. We are playing against teams which have kids that played from age 6. The kids get a little bummed losing almost each game but still go out fighting. The only bad thing is the goalie on one team literally sat down in the goal while the game was going on. It was extremely arrogant and bad sportmanship. On that same team the guys that were not playing also had a mini side game going on amongst themselves. Our players have to show respect and watch the game if they are not playing. We play our last game this weekend and then my weekends will be free and two nights during the week!!! Curt is waiting until the second weekend in November when JT and him can go salmon fishing. They are making this a yearly event, which Tori and I don't mind. We get to stay home and cook soups to stock the freezer and watch movies and veg out.
So I am eagerly awaiting the cooling weather and snow to keep me inside.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Fall is here.

It is Sunday, the kids are with Tom, Cliff is working, and Curt is at a fire thing at Newark Airport. I am blissfully alone and only doing what I want. I know that might sound really mean and selfish but it doesn't happen often. Usually something is demanding attention but not today.
Yesterday was our mini workshops. I get very nervous before each class so I was exhausted by the time I got home. It went well and I guess we are going to do another in the spring.
Last weekend I went to the Endless Mt Fiber Fest. I got 1/2 pound of Shetland and 1/2 pound of wool/mohair/glitz in blue/purple (I was thinking of Jess when I bought it and then I realized why...She has eye shadow exactly like it with sparkes in it). Then because I can't spin fast enough I bought some yarn. I got a yummy varigated gray alpaca sportweight plied with black and a teal with mauve accents DK for socks (hopefully for me) :^D So I came home and spun enough of the glitzy one to make two neck shawls and started an 8 foot with the alpaca.
Next Saturday is the craft show and then.....Rhinebeck. I can't wait. Hopefully I sell lots so I have more to spend!!! Last year was my first year at Rhinebeck. I went in with no clue and was amazed. Then I went to MD S&W with a plan. Now I know what kind of fiber I want to try and focus on that while looking around and allowing some side purchases. Mine is a fiber hunt as I dont need anymore equipment. Although I have been looking at either a Baynes or a Traveler but not ready to buy just yet...Christmas is coming!!!
The garden is done except for tomatoes. I have to pick them as I am feeling guilty wasting the food. I have to plant garlic and I have a ton of apples to make apple butter/sauce/cider. When thats done it will be cool and I can clean out the garden. Oh forgot about horseradish gotta do that too.
We sheared the goats the other day and they look so funny now! Poor naked babies. I waiting for it to cool off and things to settle down so I can just indulge myself. After Oct 22 my weekends will be all free. Oh how I am looking forward to that.
Right now I am waiting to hear from Jess as she should be back on her own base today and what I consider safer. Well the bread is done so I am going to go help myself and since nobody else is here I don't have to share the butt of it!!!