Monday, September 19, 2005


I got a phone call from Jessica the other morning. I got to talk to her for about 1 1/2 hours!!!! Highlight of my week actually month. The only bad thing is she will be out on convoy for two weeks. I prefer her on base where it is safer! She is all excited because she got to work on a HEMIT which is a heavy expanded mobility tactical truck. Basically the difference is it weighs 10 ton. She usually would only work on a Jeep, Hummer or a Deuce and a half, with the deuce only weighing 2 1/2 ton. She is a light wheel mechanic.
I was saying to her that I would love to have the $$ to send over steaks, charcoal and everything to the whole group of mechanics (sixteen all together). I figure they would all love that- a nice big juicy steak with all the fixings. She said she had steak yesterday and it sucked. She said she knows it was camel! I told her they couldn't feed her camel steaks without letting them know and she says "they can do anything they want". The steak and the milk so far she says are from camel. I am scared to ask where she thinks the rest of the food she says tastes like sh*t comes from!!!!
She is crocheting in her spare time!!!! I sent yarn, crochet hooks and knitting needles and instructions over never thinking she would actually do it! She is not the type. She says it is relaxing which we all knew! I am glad something relaxes her. So more yarn is on the way to her...Lots more!!!!
I am crocheting afghans for each of them in their favorite colors and thought her one friend who she enlisted with had the favorite color blue. So after having bought some blue yarn and then realizing I wouldn't have enough (because I am using the same pattern on another one) calling the store to have them set some aside for me, finding out they sold out, having to make an emergency trip to another store to get it....I find out her favorite color is actually pink. So I have six pounds of blue acrylic yarn and still need to go buy pink. Jess said to just mail it all to her which will pry be what happens to it. I would have made them wool but didn't know if anyone was allergic....and I can't spin that fast and have used up almost all I have spun.
On the home front, here it is September and we are still canning tomatoes. For the past two years I was complaining we weren't getting alot and now I am complaining we are getting too much. Jess loved the salsa we sent over so gotta make more of that. She wants some tomato soup too with oyster crackers.
The apples are all ripe and falling off the trees and I don't have time to do them. I have stuff planned until Oct. 9. This past weekend we did the Small Farm and Rural Living Expo (, September 24 we have the Hoedown at the Firehouse, Tori has GS overnight camp and my nephews birthday party. September 25 we have to go pick Tori up and go to the Endless Mountain Fiber Fest ( October 1 we have our Fiber Fest at the Hatton Farm( and the craft fair at the Firehouse on October 8 and every Saturday until the 22nd of October we have a soccer game. And then the Holiday rush starts. I did this to myself, I am a sick, sick, sick person. I need a shrink! What in me makes me do this when all I really want to do is sit and spin, knit, weave, read a good book and hibernate? I really do hate that feeling of hurry, hurry, oops your forgetting something but I manage to load the schedule full so I feel like that all the time. My New Years resolution is to sit and do nothing but what I want to do......Will never happen but one can dream.
At the Small Farm and Rural Living Expo I sold three shawls. What is unbelievable is that it seems the woman that bought my three and one of Cyndy's shawls came back in and stole another one. As we were taking everything down and packing up I asked where "shitty shawl" was and Cyndy said you sold it to that woman who bought the shawls. I said no and listed the ones I did sell her. I am half mad because she spent what she did and I know she had the $ to pay for the "shitty shawl" and half baffled as to why. And then another part is saying be thankful it was shitty and not one of the others. I named this one shitty shawl because I thought it was a piece of sh*t! It was all the scraps of wool from various projects done in a plaid. I didn't like it but everyone else did. The why still has me though. I could understand stealing food if you were starving but a shawl when you have the $ and just bought four others. Maybe she thought we charged too much and was compensating herself, I have no idea. Humans are sooo strange.
So today I have to clean, clean, clean and then cringe when I go check the garden. Then when it is all done I have to get to work replacing stock. I have three weeks till the next show....Bob the Builder says "You can do it!!" I don't know if I like Bob the Builder right now or not!