Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Sheep, The Shawls Oh My!

Life is so constructed that an event does not, cannot, will not, match the expectation.~Charlotte Bronte

As I stated in the last post I was looking forward to the PA Farm Show and contrary to the above quote it did NOT disappoint. Seven teams shearing, carding, spinning, weaving for 2 1/2 hours. When PCN was broadcasting something else, acting up or talking over what you wanted to hear there was always the live blogger letting you know what was going on.

Check out her blog where she has pictures of all the shawls. My favorites were the First place one done by Butler County Peddlers as I loved the changing colors down the lengths of the warp. That is why I also like the Fifth place Yorktown Spinners who modeled theirs after the Aurora Borealis. The shawl that sold for the most ($1350!) was the Third place done by Carl and the Not So Lazy Kates. From what I was able to see it was by far the most consistently spun warp and weft and probably had the most work in to it. With 7 teams you are bound to find something you like. When the auction was going on they said it was the biggest crowd they have had. I just wish they would have had more on the kids fleece to shawl which sold for $500! Now the next thing to look forward to fiberwise will be MD S&W. I think it is the being with people who don't think you are nuts which draws us together.

So, did I spin? Yes I did! The first time all year! I grabbed some dyed alpaca that I had carded months ago and finally got to spinning that.
Here is a pic of #2 daughter's mittens which she wore to school today.

I am still knitting on the Woodland Scarf and the Koolhaas but I have a hardtime concentrating when the kids are home and I hate to have to rip back so I might just start another mindless project like socks...maybe the Irish Wellingtons?!

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