Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Years Everyone

Just a short post to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I am unable to access the internet. I have no dsl. Thought it was a computer problem and got the new computer. Ends up being a server problem so unsure when I will be hooked up again. Posting from Moms.

Update--- Garter Stitch Gloves are done (show pics later) and a seed stitch scarf in progress. Kitten has been named Bandit because he stole our hearts .....awwwwwwwww! Still cute as ever and is getting spoiled rotten. Reminds us of Jess...will explain later on that.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

After Christmas Post

Did you ever say "never want" "won't get" "can live happily without" etc. only to have the words thrown back in your face. I did and my daugher threw them back at me.
Our cat Schnookums had to be put to sleep this year. I said I wouldn't get another cat. I don't mind the strays that end up at the barn you don't get attached to them. Well Jessica decided that we needed a kitten. Jessica asked mom to get a kitten but mom knew I didn't want one and wouldn't do it so Jessica got her boyfriend to get it. I guess she assumed we couldn't get mad at her while she is in Iraq or if we did we would be over it by the time she got home. How can you get mad at someone when all you want is them home. That kid knows me too well.
So I lived to eat my words 'cause he is the cutest all black, golden eyed, has to follow you all over and is presently sitting on my shoulder watching my fingers type and getting ready to pounce kitten. Like the kids did when they were little he sits outside the bathroom door. He is so playful it is unbelievable. I already knit him a ball from one of my new books but he also plays with bags,tissue paper....anything that moves. With the exception of the dogs. He quickly let them know he was not a play toy for them, so much fury in such a little ball. He is absolutely adorable and even won Curt over which is no small feat.
I was told his name is Junior or Jr. JR would work as it could also be Jessica's Revenge but I think we are going to change the name. He doesn't look like a Junior and it that name has no pizzazz. I am waiting for the kids to get back to decide a name.
In other area's...another present I made. I haven't been able to post about this before because she reads it. This was the most fun thing I have done, not useful by any means but really fun to do.....Cyndy kept saying she want's her own spinning room and I am sure she is not alone. I am unable to help in that department but made the best thing I could. I wanted to do a miniature spinning room inside a birdhouse gourd as she also gardens but when it came time to put it all together this proved impossible so I had Curt build a box and paint it in FleckStone. MaryAnn came up and while I was baking cookies played and played with how to arrange furniture, build a fireplace etc. I hadn't bought wallpaper because I figured I would just swirl paint around on the inside of the gourd and let the texture do all the work but now I needed wallpaper. I had Curt spray the FleckStone on for the walls. I was going to pour plaster in the base of the gourd for the floor and to give it some weight but now I needed a floor so I printed out a picture from PrintMaster of woodboards and then used clear contact paper to make it a little shiny. I handwove the rug using the square loom and some variegated wool I had (should have dyed the warp threads). Printed out the clock on the wall and the radio on the mantle from PrintMaster. Found the little metal embellishments ("dream big" located on the wood above the room kinda of an oxymoron) at Walmart. Made the little basket with the yarn and the triloom ( not very good but the best I could do. Thank God I actually weave better on a real one than I did on that one). The stool for spinning is a thread bobbin. Got the lights and gardening tote (behind the wheel) at A.C. Moore. The fireplace bricking, rocking chair, maniquin and spinning wheel came from Kathi Julio from She was so quick to answer all my novice questions and ship my items. If anyone does miniatures she has awesome customer service. The firelplace andirons are made from black plastic canvas with trimmings from the Christmas tree for logs. The candles on the mantle are nails. I had so much fun with this, actually way too much fun with this (Note to self...repeat after me ...we do NOT have time or room for another hobby. Curt would surely leave you!) I can't get a good shot of it right now but you get the idea. Cyndy hasn't gotten this yet but I figure she won't read this before she does so I am safe. Curt will drop this off tomorrow morning. I hope she likes it.

I haven't been feeling well as a stomach virus is going around so I haven't been knitting or spinning. Came home with a migraine today but that is feeling better so maybe I will finish the garter stitch glove tonight.
I hope everyone had a marvelous holiday and got everything they wanted.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Sing that like Fa-la-la-la-la-la- la-la-la All the homemade Christmas presents are done. In the photo there is JT's socks, slippers (out of his al-pooch-a), and mittens, Tori's slippers, her teacher gets the scarf, his teacher gets the shawl and the dishclothes go in a basket of homemade goodies for a friend. Other than the dishclothes and the socks it is all my homespun! The hat/glove set and scarf/glove set have already been sent. Not bad considering I also made 5 afghans and 6 stockings and sent them to Iraq already. I also made a scarf or two, socks for everyone and some other shawls this year. Damn I have been busy. How quickly we forget everything...or at least how quickly I forget. Age creeeping up... but I am still younger than my sister!!!!
JT's boy scout troop did a little skit last night and it was a comedy of errors but it was cute. I video taped it on my camera to send to Jessica. I will have to send a written copy of the skit so she knows whats going on because the laughing might have interferred with her being able to hear them.
And speaking of Jessica you may wonder how that computer job went yesterday....It didn't... I dismantled the old computer to make room for the new. Unpacked the new, set it up, turned it on and after 15 minutes of scratching/clicking noises the Microsoft screen came on, then the "e" screen 5 minutes later. Then it just sat there scratching/clicking. I was about ready to call them when the question part came up so I started answering the questions (time zone, language etc) when it froze while switching to the next question. I called Emachines (my dime) and gave them all the info and they had me do this and that and then said they would mail me a box and some labels. I asked for what and they said to mail the tower back to them for repair. I asked how long and they said 30 days or so. I said she bought it from Walmart and why couldn't I take it there. He asked if I had a sales receipt which it was a gift so I don't but I am sure as hell going to try to take it back. The box has their label on it and why would I wait a month for a repaired model when she paid for a new model? Duh! So I have to dig out all the Power of Attorney stuff as it has her name on it and go out there tonight. I would go today but Cliff has my car...again. I should start charging a rental fee.
Well I have more wrapping to do and I need to bake something so I will wish everyone a Merry Christmas in case I don't get the opportunity to post again before Sunday.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Winter Solstice

Living in PA we are entering into the Winter Solstice today and my sister is entering in to her Summer Solstice. Yes we are complete oppostites!!! Ever since Tori has watched Nickelodeon with Little Bear and the Winter Solstice we have had to celebrate this "holiday". We make pinecone bird feeders and hang them out just like Little Bear. When I went looking for more information on Winter Solstice I found this website which states .... "At the Winter Solstice, we celebrate Children's Day to honour our children and to bring warmth, light and cheerfulness into the dark time of the year. " I got excited because my children think that everyday is Childrens Day. So I told them that they only get to have it once a year just like the parents...Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Childrens Day. I really liked this idea but the kids decided to tell me to "not believe everything I read"....where do they get these things from?!
You would think that it was already winter with the temps that we have been having. First they were all above normal and now they are below. We have had 15 days out of 21 below freezing! A clear case of becareful what you wish for. I wanted it cold so I could stay in but forgot that it makes keeping the animals water thawed soooo much harder. Oh Santa bring me a heated barn.
With Christmas being only 4 days away the kids are getting antsy...even the older one. In a real act of Christmas spirit he (the eldest boy) has actually cleaned his room without (yes I said that and to emphasize how big of a deal this is I had to highlight, bold and italic it) without being asked!!!! Oh and here is something that truely amazes me...Christmas happens on the same day every year and they know this but they wait to tell you what they want. Then they give you a list of must have, can't live without, it's the newest, biggest, bestest thing ever. Then right before Christmas they change it, over and over and over again. Thankfully they don't add to it or I would be in even bigger trouble.
So my daughter Jess bought us a new computer. I have had this big box sitting here for almost a week and didn't crack it open. Today I opened it and have plans to put it together. I tried to use the old computer to create memory disc's of the kids girl scouts, boy scouts etc. But we had the same problem we did when I tried to copy a cd Jess sent me, which is why she bought the new computer. So when I am done here I am going to try to learn how to transfer all my stuff from this old computer to the new one the Transfer Wizard. Wish me luck as I am not completely computer illiterate but I am by no means computer smart. But I can read so I printed out the directions. If I don't update for a long time you know things didn't go as planned.
On the fiber front...I am trying to finish a pair of slippers for Tori and then I am done. Second slipper syndrome set in and I just haven't done it. I have sat and watched the lights blink on the tree which finally went up on Sunday. Guess that will have to be done after the computer or tomorrow...tomorrow, tomorrow there's always tomorrow it's only a day a mother would tell you that you are sooo lucky that I am only typing that and not actually singing it! It's not that I sing bad it's just she does not know good music when she hears it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Weather

Would you believe an entry two days in a row. The planets are aligning!!! But seriously I had to post a pic of this mornings thermometer for those of us (sis) who don't remember what cold is. Or mistakenly think that 60 is frigid!!!
Today is the 11th day where we have not gone above freezing. The future doesn't look good for it happening this week. In fact we are due for another snow storm Thursday night. Like last Thursday nights storm they think it will drop about a foot!
But this all works into my knitting...I love to knit small things which show progress quickly as I am an impatient person so we do socks, mittens, scarves, hats and slippers. Cyndy gave me a pattern for a glove that was in SpinOff years ago where it is knit from the side. I can't wait to start that for ME but first to finish the gifts. Actually first to go pick up the stuff that I have on lay away.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Hauling home the tree's Posted by Picasa

Running to find best tree Posted by Picasa

Long Week/Long Weekend

Wednesday Mom and I went shopping for birthday gifts for Jessica's friend. Then we went down to the local firehouse to bake cookies to send to the local soldier's that can't come home for the holidays. We baked batch after batch after batch. Spritz, chocolate chip, peanut butter, choodles and oatmeal. Two ovens, four trays going constantly from 10 am to 3:30.
Thursday we packaged up Jessica's gift and one we made up for her and mailed them. Then we went back and packaged all the cookies and sent them on their way. In one way it is hard (sad) sending them packages because they won't be here with their families and in another way it is nice because you are doing something for them to maybe ease the homesickness of not being with their families.
Friday found us with LOTS of snow and the kids having the day off. Tori is very much an outside person in the winter and doesn't seem affected by the cold and was outside soon after breakfast. Her younger brother on the other hand wanted to do nothing but play video games. Older brother left for work and returned within moments. I asked if he forgot something and he said "Yes my common sense, what the hell was I thinking?!"... sporty little low riding cars don't do well on unplowed roads with a foot of snow. NOW he is thinking a little S10/Ranger might be a good idea! Can't buy one of them unless you are able to get to work to earn the $$. By mid-morning Tori and I decided to go to the bank and decorate for them as I had promised to do.
Friday night we had plans with Tori's Girl Scout troop to go to a movie theater and get a tour of how things work and watch the movie The Chronicles of Narnia. The roads were pretty clear by then so they didn't cancel and we had a good time. The movie was pretty good. The trailers of upcoming movies were good too. They have Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and Ice Age 2 coming out and M. Night Shyamalan has a new movie coming out - Lady in the Water
Saturday Tori's friend came over and they went sledding. When they came in to warm up we decided to go shopping to buy groceries for the Soccer Dinner that night and get our tree. We shopped, then stomped thru the snow to find the perfect tree. Actually two perfect trees, one for mom and one for us. JT was not happy because I nixed his choice of a rather large (as in 10+ ft) tree. Then we had the kids drag them to the vehicle. When we got home I cooked for the dinner and the kids went sledding again. We finally finished the day at 9:30 when we arrived home from the dinner.
Sunday found all the kids out sledding for the whole day. They packed hot chocolate and snacks and would come in to change mittens and head back out. I sat inside where it was warm and baked two loaves of Orange Cranberry Bread. Mom hasn't made me any yet so I was forced to actually bake them MYSELF!!!!!! They didn't taste like hers but they must not have been bad as they are both gone. I also made a double batch of Corn Beef and Cabbage Soup and roasted two chickens for lunches this week. We took Alainna home about 4 and sat and had coffee and baked cookies. Then came home with enough time for the showers/pj's/Survivor finale. Then bed.
Jess called at 4 am and is in better spirits (for now) as her friend Erin got to come to her base and spend the weekend. She needed that! She was getting grumpy with Christmas coming and was not the easiest person to deal with while in one of those moods. ;=D
I woke at 6 long enough to find out there was a snow squall in the middle of the night and there was a two hour school delay. Curt brought me Tylenol and I went back to sleep to get rid of the migraine and awoke half an hour before the kids were to get on the bus, thankfully minus the migraine.
And during this long week/weekend I finished knitting a pair of slippers, a pair of mittens and made another pair with a matching scarf as a gift AND started on another pair with matching scarf. Today I will sit and relax and finish knitting this last gift. We all deserve days like today - I am very lucky to be able to take them. I will have to thank Curt for that.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My sister

My sister
/PersonalSpace.aspx?beid=cns!1pXFnLx4o7iaaQqgUO8CRi2A!105&d=1#postcns!1pXFnLx4o7iaaQqgUO8CRi2A!105 had the audacity to tell my mother this morning that I have to update my blog. My mother told her it was the pot calling the kettle black. Check out the last entry on her site.
I have actually written blog entries. The first one I typed and there were problems with dsl thru my ip so I saved the written entry in word. Time went by and the problem wasn't fixed and I couldn't get on the internet so I deleted it. Then when the problem was fixed I typed up this whole entry on Wordpad (Because blogger dumped mine several times during a post and I had to retype and Cyndy told me to do it this way/copy/paste which saves my wrists for knitting...Smart girl) and was called away from the computer. My oldest son came in and signed off my name and on to his without saving it and frustrated the hell out of me to the point that I didn't want to retype it. So now I finally got another chance to go on the computer with working dsl and I get to pacify my sister at the same time what more could a person ask for?! I just wish she was as concientious!!! YUP! I said that!!! Nothing like waving a red flag in front of a bull for motivation. I will have to have Cyndy's son (up and coming computer guru) put a link on the side to my sisters site so everyone can see what a SLACKER she is!!!
I could have used an excuse like it was soo cold my fingers wouldn't hit the keys properly. Last week it was almost 60 at 9 am today is the complete opposite. We did however miss todays snow. To bad because I could use a good blizzard to put me in the Christmas spirit. I was into Christmas but then we mailed all of Jessica's Christmas stuff out and now I am just in a lull where I am not interested. I guess I have to pull it together as Tori is complaining. Nothing that a little crazy glue in her Cheerio's won't fix!!!!! Just joking I have plans to start decorating today and we are making cookies at the firehouse tomorrow to send over to all the soldiers.
Speaking of the firehouse.....Everyone who knows Jessica knows that she LOVES glitter. Her makeup, perfume, hair gel, clothes, sheets everything has some shimmer in it. Well at 11 pm last night the President of the Ladies Auxillary of the Fire Department was opening the daily mail which included a letter of thanks for a package they sent Jess. Yes the letter was full of glitter and she was unaware of my daughters sparkling personality and unprepared for the contents!!!! Needless to say I got a phone call at 11:01pm but was blissfully asleep but I did get a toned down version this morning!!!!! I am still laughing!!!! She will know next time to open with care!!! One thing about Jess is once you meet her you will NEVER forget her!!!
Nobody in my family has really written out a list of what they want for Christmas so I will be the first to start and trust me I start at the top of the price list and work my way down. In my way of thinking you will never GET if you do not ASK. Also these are the selfish presents -the ME, MEMEME, MINE ALL MINE presents. So without further ado....Curt are you paying attention.........
Jessica home----- the house done before Christmas ----Ashford Traveler DT or the Baynes but Ashford wheel is 2 inches bigger (Curt go ask Cydny) ----A years membership to Curves for Tori and I so I can get some inward curve )( back instead of the outward curve ( ) :^D ----Wide-angle lens for the Canon PowerShot S2 IS Product # WC-DC58A about $160 Requires conversion lens adapter don't forget that ------Yarns to Dye For (Curt Mom knows where to get) ----Soup tureen, white nothing fancy as I am plain Jane -----Any books about knitting (socks, hat, gloves) or spinning and that is all I can think of right now but I leave the floor open for future additions. Some I realize are unattainable but hey you never know this is the time of miracles.
I haven't done much in fiber. I did an earwarmer for Tori in herringbone stitch that I saw as a scarf in a magazine at Borders and I spun a bobbin of merino from Rhinebeck. There has been talk on the spinlist of electric spinners and at first I thought ...I would miss the treadling. Then they said they spun as much in an hour as they use to spin in a that would mean some serious stash reduction! Which in turn would let you go buy more......Babe has a cheap one, ugly but cheap. This may be added to the list.
'Well I have wasted enough time making my sister happy so I am off to make my kids happy and start decorating. The ball is in your court sis. :^D ps I love you Mom that means very x9 big grin