Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!

There is so much to update and being it is Independence Day we will start with this….#1 Daughter came home from Iraq. The adjustment from military life to home life has been a little rough. After her life being put on hold for a year and a half she doesn’t seem to know where to start to pick it back up. But it is great to see her every day.

The flood of 2006 didn’t affect us personally but did a job on the area. It will be awhile before some of the roads open. Last time it took over 6 months for this one road to open and only a shoulder was washed away. This time both sides of the road is washed away in certain spots leaving just enough for people living on the road to at least get in and out.

The garden is getting full, we have tomatoes bigger than marbles, the potatoes are in bloom, the beans are in bloom, the cucumbers should be able to be picked today. I am waiting on the broccoli which doesn’t seem to be doing anything but getting leaves. Cyndy is already getting broccoli and has been kind enough to share! Not wht was this is going to work is that everything is going to start coming in the week we are in Puerto Rico!

The kids did the week of boy scout camp and had a blast. Luckily it didn’t rain while they were in camp.

On the little farm the new finn sheep from Grace are settled in. The pigs are getting bigger. The one duck hatched out 10 little babies and another is setting. The hen has so far hatched 4 and has more eggs under her. The turkeys are getting big and follow you around looking for treats. I am going to breed the Saanen this fall and I was thinking of breeding the finn too. I think I have to wait on that till Spring because of their age.

In fiber, I was doing a fair isle hat but started to do the pattern in reverse color from where I started and so I have to rip it out. I was holding the yarn in two hands! I don’t do it the exact way the video at Philosphers Wool says but I get it done in my own weird way. I have knit up little things and crocheted little capes for a friends grandkids but nothing major. I got back my mohair from Storm which I had washed and carded with some border Leicester that I had. It is so soft and gray. But I have decided that I need to finish one before I start on another fiber. I finished the Jacob fleece and I am finishing the finn/alpaca from Grace and then I will start on the mohair. It is hell being good!

Notice I haven’t mentioned the house…I am taking a cue from Thumper …If you can’t say nothing nice don’t say nothing at all!!!”