Friday, July 15, 2005

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Many years ago (12) we got a cat who we were told was at least 2 years old. My daughter Jessica did everything to this cat. She painted the white on his head purple with magic marker. She pushed on it's pads until the nails came out and put nail polish on them. She dressed the cat up as a baby doll. She gave the cat a bath all the time. She would walk to her grandmother's with the cat inside her jacket. I made the cat it's own Christmas stocking with a picture of him painted on it with a plaid ribbon and bell around it's neck. Schnooks would find wherever you hid the catnip and break the bag open and roll in it. She would meow until she got her way (very annoying). This cat was the BEST. Well...on Tuesday sadly, we had to put her to sleep. It was not a decision I came to quickly. I have been putting it off but she was getting real bad and I didn't want her to suffer. In May while Jess was in training I had told her that the cat was getting old and may not last long. She didn't want to hear it. Now Jess is in Iraq and when she called today I didn't tell. I took the chickens way out and said if she asks I will tell her and she didn't ask this time. I feel bad but I want her mind there right now not on the cat. The younger kids saw how bad she was and although they were upset they knew it was for the best. Jess however will be devastated.
When I went to the neighbor's to give them the food and litter that I had left I saw a kitten that looked just like Schnookums but long haired. I was tempted but don't want to replace her this soon. I will let the younger ones decide if we should have another and when.
On brighter notes the fair is this weekend and I will be busy working it everyday. I frogged the sock again. The mock smocking didn't allow it to stretch enough to go over the heel. Did the potato chip scarf and started the branching out from
branchingout.html. Won't have time for anything until about Wednesday of next week. Till then keep cool!!! Hahahahahaha that's a joke around here!!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

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Family Reunion

The second weekend in July is our family reunion. This year I got to see my 1/2 sister whom I haven't seen in 23 years. She is reclusive as my 1/2 brother hasn't seen her in 17 and our brother and sister haven't seen her in more than my 23. The last time I saw her she was introducing us to her fiance- she introduced our brother by saying "this is my brother..." but then when it was time to introduce me it was "and this is..." Not my sister but this is... I had been so excited because I hadn't seen her since our father had died. I was only 17 and it was like a splash of ice water and I never forgot it. Seems however that she doesn't even remember this meeting or that I lived in MD for 10 years which is where this all went down. In a way this is even worse than forgetting to introduce me as her sister. Half of me is like "what were you on drugs to forget that" or "did I really mean so little in your life that I could be forgotten that easily" but the other half says why are you worried about it. You don't know her and she has no clue who you are and doesn't care too. It is my own fault because I had put her up high because I didn't get to see her very often. She stayed with her mother after our father and her mother divorced. Our brother stayed with Dad and then met my mother and had my sister, me and my brother. Where as my sister was like the boss, a real "meany" and I had to put up with her, this other sister was the cool one, like a breath of fresh air so to speak that only came for short periods of time. Guess I should have looked up more to the one that put up with me and that really cared. I have no excuses except youth. So it was really weird that she showed up. It was like talking to a stranger. I can see parts of my "meany" sister in her which was strange that mannerisms can be the same between sisters raised totally apart from each other. The only thing we have in common is that we both knit. Now my "meany" sister and I are TOTAL opposites but at least I know she loves me and cares about me so I guess I owe her an apology for kinda holding it against her that she wasn't the "cool" one. Sorry sis and thank you for always being there. Family dynamics are extremely exhausting so I slept hours away after the reunion and on Sunday. I woke this morning rested and drove my son to get his new used car which means I get to drive my own car for the first time in about 6 1/2 months!!!!!! wahooooooo!!!!

I heard from Jess and she is still in Kuwait. She is suppose to leave there on the 15th now. Maybe they will and maybe they won't. But the food is good and there is a/c so it isn't as bad as being in Iraq so there is no complaining and the time is still counted.

We went and picked up 4 turkeys last week. The kids named them mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce. I saw two shetland sheep there for sale. I was surprised at how small they are, perfect for a small farm. I was tempted but held strong...maybe later as I already checked all the info out about them!!!

Garden is weed covered but has lots of green tomatoes. Corn was NOT knee high by the 4th of July...more like ankle high!!! Cucs are starting to produce, they will go crazy here shortly. We (mom & I) made 14 assorted sized jars of black raspberry jam. Blueberries should be ripe by next week.

In fiber news .. I have been on a dye kick. I go in cycles. Right now it's dye and it's crazy dye. I spun up some and took pics. One looks like the crayola factory blew up. Have no clue what they are going to be used for but had a blast doing them so they will find a place some where at some time. Started spinning up Diggers fur, the alpoocha as JT calls it. I am just grabbing it out of the bag and spinning it like that- no carding. It leaves bumps sometimes but it still looks good to me. I have to make JT something out of it but not sure what. I frogged the sock I started for Jess because I was using the wrong numbers. I started it over and I am up to the gusset part now and should finish it tonight.

Now I am off to turn on the a/c as it is going to be 93 today which is about 15 -20 degrees more than I like.