Saturday, January 29, 2005

Made a list of seeds I would like last Wednesday. Needs a LOT of paring down or I need a bigger garden! Kids had a two hour delay on Thursday. Watched the inaguguration. Picked up Girl Scout cookies.

Temps have been very cold. Chickens won't even come out of the coop. Every morning they get warm milk with bread, berries and leftovers. They see their treat pan coming and all fly down from the roost.

Snow was three hours late in arriving on Saturday, which started out at -10! You would think things could only look up after that start but alas the blizzard that was due dropped 12 1/2 - 13 inches of snow. Dug out on Sunday. Thankfully we have all been healthy other than the longest 24 hour stomach flu.

Washed and carded the southdown. Washed and carded the gray romney I got off of ebay. Started carding Targhee which I got off ebay - it is so unbelievably white. Finished knitting a hat which JT quickly claimed. Finished knitting a scarf but ended up sewing the ends together to make more of a tube. Curt claimed that and Tori asked for one in blue. Started one for her and hope to finish tonight. I am going to spin the wool then knit one square for every month Jess is gone. Figure this will help me learn and keep me occupied. Did two squares of Sunday but didn't like either of them and they shrunk when I washed and blocked them and ended up like rectangles. Will have to compensate for that. Sent some yarn, knit and crochet needles with instructions for both down to Jess. Think she will get the hint!

Snowed again on Tuesday night and the kids stayed home on Wednesday. Tori and I cooked up horse treats for the horse and the cow. Houdini drools the whole time he is eating them!

Took Mom shopping for formica for her kitchen and picked up JT's birthday presents. He will be 9 on Monday! Growing up soooo fast.

Due to get another 2 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. Sounds like time to burrow in and watch a movie with the kids. Snow Dogs is on tongiht so gotta go watch it. It is suppose to warm up this week....we will wait and see......

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Another thing to do

Cyndi said I should start this bog to keep track of what I am doing. I am wondering if she was implying because I turned 40 I would start forgetting. Jokes on her my memory was shot years ago!!! So anyhow, I didn't want to do this but had to start an account to join a knitalong. I am teaching myself to knit. Last year I learned how to spin and triloom so this was the next step. My sister is pry laughing as the joke is I am Mother Earth. Her and my mother think it is funny that all the things that we did or that mom tried to teach us and we didn't want to learn are all the things that I am trying to do now. Hated the farm as a kid as it cut into personal time but in 2004 I bought two pigs which are now in the freezer, 25 chickens- 10 of which are in the freezer, 2 turkeys- one of which is in the freezer the other was Thanksgiving dinner, ducks still quacking and a black angus which will be in the freezer this fall. Stopped by mom's to tell her my 12 chickens laid 10 eggs in one day and she just looked at me like I was nuts. I was excited- that is my best day so far. So I am the butt of their joke but I am having fun so all I can say is and learn.

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