Thursday, January 24, 2008

Order of Frog, Well Done.

"May you have the hindsight to know where you've been, The foresight to know where you are going, And the insight to know when you have gone too far"~Irish Blessing
Hindsight...running my mouth saying I was going to be a better knitter and not ignore mistakes the frog pond, just didn't expect the pond to be so large
Insight...opened mouth inserted foot, messed with the knitting gods, jinxed myself, tempted fate

Last night I ran my mouth about what I had to do to become a fearless better knitter. I posted, then grabbed my knitting and went to watch American Idol. I no sooner sat down with my knitting when I saw a mistake. I must have stopped mid row and when I picked it back up started using another rows instructions. So 3/4 of the Koolhaas looked great but that last 1/4 looked messed up as it threw everything off and it was several rows down. Seeing as I was only steps away from the soapbox I had used to post the last post, I decided I would frog back to fix that mistake. Now it has been mentioned that I do not frog back often so I just pulled the circular needle out and grabbed hold of the yarn and pulled.

Did I mention this is the Koolhaas? Do you know you use a cable needle every other row? Well I ripped and then I realized I no longer knew where my first stitch was or what row I was on. I thought about futzing around and trying to figure it out but decided that would p*ss me off even more and I would eventually end up right here...
Yup, I frogged the whole hat down to the ribbling. I got the stitches back on the circ, did two rows and then called it a night.
So lessons learned...know what the hell you are doing....mark your first stitch before you rip...count the rows your ripping so you know what row to start on....shut your flapping mouth before it gets you in more trouble!

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cyndy said...

....patience grasshopper....

(or are you to young to grasp my meaning?)

anyway...insert an old proverb here.....and hopefully you are now on the road to frog free knitting....