Monday, May 03, 2010

The Difference A Couple of Hours Can Make

“Edison failed 10, 000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times.”

~Napoleon Hill

I picked that quote for two reasons.  First, I failed to get done almost anything that I wanted to do this weekend.  And second because of the electrical reference...

On Friday, about 6 pm, the electric company that I had called days before because my electric was flickering and randomly going off, finally showed up.  As I am the only person on this line I was unsure if the problem was in the house (checked and didn't find anything) or on their line.  Come to find out it was behind their locked meter but part of my base.  One slot that their meter was plugged into was broken and arcing.

Needless to say electrical usage was kept at a minimum until I could get the part needed and the electrician here to install the new base.  Well, he just left and now we don't have to worry about taking a shower and having the electric go off. 

We did shear two sheep, the ram and the wether but only crutched the others.  I was worried about doing the ewes as they are bagging up.  I am ready when they are ready.  So far so good, I am not as frantic as last time! 
The guy didn't till my garden and since we are due to get rain every other day this week, it is not looking good.  I have 25-30 pounds of potatoes just waiting to go, along with cabbage and brussel sprouts.  And pea's, can't forget the peas!  But I have frozen 3.75 lbs of rhubarb, 1 lb of asparagus and dehydrated chives so there was some productivity.

The man was finally able to find out where the red turkey hen has her nest.  He said he heard peeps coming from under Gray but she hasn't gotten up yet.  I know there were duck, chicken and turkey eggs in that nest so God only knows what she will be mothering!

I finished a pair of baby socks (but gave them away already) and I finished spinning the last of the dyed yarn.  The picture came out awful so I will dazzle you with b.s....and a photo of an apple blossom.
The man asked me to ride with him to get feed for the next couple of weeks so I stopped writing this and left with him.   As we are leaving we passed the neighbor that was to rototill.  He was headed down to do the job so we turned around.  Then as we were digging up some plants for him to take home, our local telephone repair man stopped to say hello.  We asked why our dsl temporarily disconnects when we use the telephone...he looks at the box and said they never autorized him to install a new box with a data/voice filter, when we went from dial up to dsl.  He is coming by later to put the new one in.  It never really bothered me because I am home alone so nobody is using the phone when I am on the internet but #2 son keeps getting bumped off games and it gives you a bad rep (or so I am told).

After they left we proceeded to the feed store.  The man I usually get my piglets from had quoted me a price which was a drastic increase over last years which had been a drastic increase over the year before.  While at the feed mill I found a farmer with piglets for the price I had paid last year.  And they are not all whites, he also has several breeds including Tamworth.  We are  going to see them Saturday and hopefully will come home with a couple.

So this has turned out to be a very good day. I can now install the new fence posts and fencing, replant the flowers I dug out for the enlargement and start planting this years crops.

On top of all that the man just installed my new screen door!  My cup runneth over!!! 


cyndy said...

I just love it when things pull together and fall into place! Hooray!

(hey, at least you have taters waiting at the gate, mine are still in the store....)

Linda said...

Wow! Sounds like you sure got a lot done this past weekend! I wish I had half your energy! Good luck with all the plants, chicks, sheep and piglets.