Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Weekend Roundup

There aren't enough days in the weekend. ~Rod Schmidt

I always think of Friday night as part of the weekend so I will start there...Before driving for Chinese, we took #2 son three places to put in job applications.  He wants a job to replace the Ipod touch he got for Christmas.  When his arm was in the sling he tucked the Ipod in there and then leaned over to flush the didn't stay tucked in there and he is back to using his nano which doesn't have wifi...the poor boy.  After dinner we (hopefully) did all the grocery shopping for the next two weeks.  We came home, fell into bed and were rudely awakened by the dogs barking because a fox was outside calling.

The man had to work half a day on Saturday but arrived late as there were new lambs to attend to first.  After they were taken care of I proceeded to the garden to plant some more potatoes and finally get the cucumbers, basil and nasturtiums seeded.  When he got home we found out the township was having it's annual cleanup.  We quickly loaded up some garbage and transported it there.  Then it was mowing and weed whacking around the barn.  Friends came to visit after dinner, some plants were dug for them to take home and then we relaxed for a short time before going to bed.

Sunday dawned and I got up early but the rest of the household believes in sleeping in a little on Sunday.  I knit a little and then went to the garden, weeded some and seeded in sunflowers and broom corn.  After the barn chores got done, we left to go pick up turkeys since #1 doesn't want us to use the two we have as holiday meals.  When we returned one friend stopped by to pick up some manure and #1's friend Jen stopped by with her children to show them the animals.  After some lawn mowing around the house and dinner we went to the barn to find two more lambs running around.

So we are officially done lambing at this time.  We ended up with five boys and three girls that lived, only two of which are black/white and the others white.  The total would have been six boys and five girls if Aila's had lived.  Two lambs born the day earlier had sharp teeth and momma was not liking it.  She wouldn't let them nurse and was pushing them aside.. So the man made me file them down by saying his hands were too big to help them.  He was cringing the whole time but I think the mom was happy.  This is Domino

and this is the other black sheep a little ewe.  It's a horrible picture but she is all black except those markings on her face.
These lambs are much different than the lambs from two years ago.  Two years ago they were pure Finn.  This year the ewe's are all Finn but the ram is "supposedly" a Finn/Romney.  As I had stated in a previous post  he doesn't have many Romney traits.  He is slightly smaller than my girls and doesn't have the wool face plus he has horns.  These lambs all have much stockier legs where I am use to seeing the Finn's delicate legs.  Also their tails are longer than the Finn's not by much but still longer.  You can see their tale lenghth in this picture of the first ones born.  The one on the right has a darker muzzle. 
So although it was a quick weekend, much work got done.  Today I have to  run some errands and get caught up on housework.  I have found when the to-do list gets anything checked off it gets several more things tacked on.  The man works 10 hour days and 5 hours on Saturday.  I know I shouldn't complain but so much more could get done if he only worked 40 hour weeks. 

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