Monday, May 17, 2010

Living is Good

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. ~Hans Christian Anderson

And I was happily living and enjoying  all three this weekend.  It started off a little rocky....Friday afternoon, we found the red turkey that had been sitting on eggs dead and eggs gone.  Earlier in the day the gray turkey abandoned her nest.  But then #1 and Sir T arrived Friday evening.  We went to bed early so we could get a lot done on Saturday. 

The day was beautiful.  The man left to work 1/2 a day and the rest of us went galavanting.  We took bagels and cream cheese over to a friends and invited ourselves for coffee.  After that we raided their garden and took off with some rhubarb.  We went to look at a farm that was for sale and ended up dropping in on other friends.  We finally returned home just in time for the man to get home from work.  Trying to make up for our lackadaisy ways we quickly ate lunch and went right to work.  The green cabbage got planted, the old garden gate was in a state of disepair and was fixed before it was rehung, the red cabbage got planted, the brussel sprouts got planted, a stone pathway into the garden was laid and load after load after load of wood chips slowly covered the old greenhouse garden which has now become the permanent (raspberry, asparagus, blackberry, elderberry and rhubarb) section of the garden.  The nephews put wood chips around the outside of the garden with the use of a riding lawnmower with dump trailer.  They were in heaven but what boy isn't behind a motorized tool?
We went to the barn to check the sheep and Toupee had three lambs.  They were up and walking around with all the other sheep.  She had a white ewe, a white ram and a tiny black/white ram.  Although cleaned, she kept backing away from the black and white ram.  We got them into a jug and clip/dip/stripped.  We held her while they all drank and they were laying down napping when we left.  When we did the evening feeding all was well.

The guys went fishing and when they got home about 11 PM we went to check on the lambs again.  Luckily for us we did.  The black and white lamb was stuck between the wall and a wooden box we usually keep two five gallon buckets of water in.  We took the buckets out and put Toupee's hay in there.  The little ram was cold and Toupee would not let him nurse this time, backing away and kicking when we put him on her.  The man scooped him up and has become his mom.  #1 wanted to name him and after several ideas settled on the name of Domino.  The other two have not been named and since I am unsure of their future it may stay that way.  The man has decided we are keeping Domino and making a wether out of him. These show his markings on each side.

But back to that night...the man's baby woke us up at 2, 4, 6 and because we slept in from all the awakenings he woke us again at 7:20.   After a lazy morning, Sir T and #1 took us out to breakfast and a stop at Agway where they bought me a beautiful clematis.  Then it was back home for bottlefeedings and a nap!  We woke up, checked on the animals, planted the clematis, watered all the transplants and seed rows.  We brought Domino out to walk around and amazingly it was time for dinner. I had wanted to get my potatoes planted but we just were not up to the task.  After dinner and coffee we sat down to watch Survivor. I wanted Rupert to win it but since he got voted off I was rooting for Sandra and she won!  And I finished a granny square baby blanket in pink, white and brown for the man's granddaughter due in July.

Last night Domino only woke us up once so it was a good night.  Today started with wishing the man a Happy Birthday.  He left for work and the kids for school.  Then the Post Office called, my chicks were in.  Usually I get my meat birds from Farmer Dave but it was cheaper to order them this year.  Luckily, eventhough it was last minute, they were able to ship what I wanted in the time frame I wanted.

Now #1 and I are headed out to the garden.  I am going to risk it and plant my tomatoes.  It is suppose to rain tomorrow so that will offer them a good start.  Then it is inside to start dinner and bake a cake.

So I will head out leaving you with this picture of a spoiled useless dog who is afraid of the dark...
May the sun shine, all day long,
everything go right, and nothing wrong.
May those you love bring love back to you,
and may all the wishes you wish come true!
~Irish Blessing


cyndy said...

Happy birthday Mr. Happy Acres!

And happy birthday Domino!!!

ooooohhhhh, ooooooooooO!

roll me over, RomeO,
there you go

lord have mercy

i said,


sry..could help bursting into song!
gorgeous ram lamb!

Linda said...

Ohhh, the baby ram is beautiful! What a cutie! Domino - perfect name.

Wow, Judy. I can't believe all the things you do. Good luck with all.
Great Irish poem; words to remember.

Thank you so much for your well wishes.