Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Ice Men

Weather lore states there are three ice saints (Saints Mamertus, Pancras, Servatius and Boniface) who each cast a frosty spell from May 11 to May 14, and farmers knew that it was not safe to plant crops until the saints had done their work.  In Germany they were known as the “Eismänner” or “ice men”. Weather records seem to support their reputation and I can attest to them as they are hitting us now.
I stoked up the woodstove Sunday night and again last night.  This morning it was only 28 degrees.  All the tomatoes made it thru the night before but I haven't been out to check them this morning.  I have them all covered in the greenhouse but I didn't have any heat on so hopefully they are okay.  I was always told not to plant most sensitive plants until after Memorial Day.  Most times I listened!

It has been extremely busy around here.  The new garden was tilled, new fence posts and fencing acquired and installed.  An apple transplant made it back into the ground along with a newly purchased Gala apple tree and three blueberry bushes. I still have two hazlenut and two serviceberry to plant. But almost all the flower plants I dug up and heeled in elsewhere have now been put where I want them.  Grass was mowed and everything else got weed whacked. A truckload of woodchips was delivered to use as weed control in the permanent part of the garden. It is just sitting there waiting on me to move it!

I froze another 10 pounds of rhubarb and a pound of asparagus.  I was given some apples and I am up to 16 trays of dehydrated apple slices for the kids.  But no spinning has been done and only one baby sock was knit.  The wind has kept me from washing the fleeces that we did shear, had I tried they would have been blown out to the Atlantic by now.  But my hands could sure use the lanolin. 

The self seeded Osaka is ready to eat but the lettuce mix I planted will take a little longer. Hopefully today I can get some pea's, carrots and beet seed planted.  Later in the week I hope to transplant the brussel sprouts along with the green and red cabbage.  Then if I can get the potatoes planted this weekend I will be very happy.  Wish me luck!
This little bird told me...
"A wet May makes a big load of hay. A cold May is kindly and fills the barn finely."  Let's hope that's true.

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cyndy said...

So was last nights visit the third one? hum.

Love your little Phoebe!