Monday, May 31, 2010


A good friend is cheaper than therapy. ~Author Unknown

You know how everybody has that one friend...the one that the most odd and curious things can happen too?  Well today...The man was getting into the shower so we could go to town when the phone rang.  My son answered the call.  It was my friend.  #2 son thought she was joking but finally handed the phone to the man.  The man thought it was a joke, unintelligent mumblings of boa's.   He agreed to go over to her house.

We get in the truck and drive the mile and a half over to her house.  Why...because she had set a mouse trap under her sink.  When she went to check it, she found this....
Suffering from Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) she was manic! 
We all found immense humor in it, especially her nephew but she was freaking.  The man quickly grabbed the mouse trap, walked over into the woods and opened the trap to free the poor thing. 

We leave for home.  She is going shopping for moth balls and foam insulation!


cyndy said...


That is a BOA!
(well...maybe if you were a mouse it would look like a BOA...all depends on your point of view!)

Linda said...

omg! I would've died of a heart attack right on the spot. And then packed my things and moved to an apartment--on the top floor! Creepy -- and I'm about to clean out my cupboards. This will give me nightmares! Thank goodness she has great friends like you and the man.