Friday, October 19, 2007

Week of our Lives

"Like sands through the hourglass... so are the Days of Our Lives."

And man are those passing quickly so it is ending up being a week of our lives.

So in family news...

...the man drove to visit his daughter this past weekend. He didn't want to leave her to come home, afraid she may disappear again. Next trip we will all go, but I thought that they needed this time alone to talk and work thru the seven year gap. Right now we are making plans for her to come up for a week in May.

...while he was gone, the kids and I made apple cider. We took it from this to this and then into cider. It is sooo good. Oops looks like someone other than the theif child that took this glass full thinks it is good also. #2 son has a huge fear of stinging insects! Needless to say once they came around he was gone. We try to do this every year and freeze it for use through out the year. I just read that you can let the mashed apples sit for 24 hours to get a better cider. I am going to try that next year as it is exhausting trying to do it all in one day.

...we called to find out what we need to get a marriage certificate. Come to find out we need our divorce papers. His are in the next county so even if I can't find them in storage, they will be easy to get. Mine, however, would have to come from MD. I know I tossed mine because I swore I would never marry again and I didn't need them to get his SS as we werent married long enough for me to have access to that. So my ex is going to get me a copy so the man and I can get married!!! If you would have asked me if we would ever talk about anything other than the kids when we got a divorce I would have said no. Hell I would have said he would be dead by now at the rate he was going but he straightened up and is doing good. I am happy for him and I am glad he is willing to help.

...I will find out for sure today, but they say think they are going to continue my PT. Which is good as it does seem to be helping but I hate the 40 mile round trip drive three times a week.

...The younger two have school dances tonight. #2 son has his right after school and then rides the late bus and will be home by 6PM and #2 daughter will have to be driven to school by 7PM and picked up at 9. Tomorrow they go for their dad weekend and I get to play on Ravelry (!) and then Sunday we are going to Rhinebeck! Oh yeah and Saturday we are going to look at another truck for the man. Little things are starting to go on his and he doesn't want to deal with it plus we don't need the four door anymore so we will downsize there. We will see if they have anything we like that we can afford.

...and my sister is coming home for Thanksgiving. My brother and his family are coming to my mothers also. This will be the first year that we are altogether for Thanksgiving since 1983 when I came home to show off #1 daughter!

...we all went for haircuts last night. #2 daughter cut enough off to give to Locks of Love again. She also had highlights added, she is just growing up too quick. But it is the first girly thing she has ever done also, she is so tomboy.

And in fiber news...

...I got my invite to Ravlery. I haven't had time to add a thing or even investigate but hope to this Saturday.

...when I was working on the Hemlock Ring afghan, everyone thought it was a hat at first so I decided to figure it out. I used the Trekking Pro Natura and hope to finish it today. Hopefully it will look okay as I wasn't sure when to stop lengthwise because it stretches so with the lace. Oh well nothing ventured nothing gained. My list of things to make by Christmas has grown and I should be getting a delivery from KnitPicks today to aid in that. I need to finish started projects first. OTN I have the Hemlock Hat, #1 D's bf's stocking and my sweater. Think of all the knitting time I am missing while driving to and from PT appts!!!

...Rhinebeck is this weekend. I am going on Sunday as it doesn't look like it is going to rain that day. I am not in need of anything so don't feel like being wet and cold. I might get some combs and some sock yarn but that is about it - there for the looking, touching and eating!
And in animal news...
...I think Fingerlickin Chicken has given up on setting as she was out with the others all day yesterday.
...we lost a rooster to a red fox. Two nights later as we were sitting outside he/she tried to get one of the ducks. I don't have a problem with wildlife until they try making my animals their food.
...the added light from the greenhouse and warm temps still have the ducks laying! I love it! I can't wait to see how long they continue.
And that pretty much sums things up. Busy and waiting for the snow so things will slow down but it doesn't look like it is going to show up anytime soon....Watch it wait until we have to go to the airport to pick up my sister!!!!

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cyndy said...

well....that snow better not show until the leaves fall off the trees!

The cider looks wonderful! Great Photo! Can't wait to see your hemlock hat...missed you yesterday afternoon.