Monday, October 08, 2007

Columbus Day

One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time. ~André Gide

Today is Columbus Day. The kids have already gone to school, the guys to work and I am having a second cup of coffee, mulling over the weekend and planning the week ahead. I guess because it is Columbus Day I was thinking of what new "lands" I have discovered recently.

Friday, I went to the feed store. It is such a nice ride with all the tree's changing. That night w went out to #1 daughters place to pick somethings up to put into storage for her.

Saturday the Boy Scouts hosted a flea market. I drove #2 son down, helped set up and then went back to help clean up. Then that night we went to town and did all the shopping.
Sunday the man ran the waterlines in the house. I use to do heating, plumbing and electrical work but I have never used the PEX tubing. It is indeed more flexible than copper but that doesn't mean it is easier to work with. It does however, make for less connections. While he was working away on that, I was carding some alpaca that I had dyed, driving #2 daughter to a bowling b-day party and then going back to pick her up and doing laundry. We washed the vehicles, called it an early night and came into watch some tv.
So basically I discovered nothing. So this leads to what do I want to discover? So far as fiber goes....I want to discover how to do the damn short row heel, I want to discover how to do a sock from the toe up, I want to discover how to use the combs to prepare fiber and how to do double knit. In non-fiber I want to discover what to do so that you don't have to drive a 25 mile round trip to drop off a Social Studies book at #2 son's school which what I am off to do now!

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cyndy said...

I love that ride to the feed store.
That used to be Marks ride to work!
...and it could be your ride to visit #1 son soon! (although, when the snow starts to fly is another story!)

Have you ever take Peggy Run Away road?

I like your fiber sights!