Monday, October 01, 2007

The Old Spinning Wheel

Covered with dust and forgotten
Like the face upon the wall
There's one souvenir of the days gone by
I treasure most of all.

Turn back the years of my childhood
As you turn, old spinning wheel
Just show me a lane with a barefoot boy
As shadows softly steal.

There's an old spinning wheel in the parlor
spinning dreams of the long, long ago
Spinning dreams of an old fashioned garden
And a maid with her old fashioned beau

Sometimes it seems that I can hear her in the twilight
At the organ softly singing "old Black Joe"
There's an old spinning wheel in the parlor
Spinning dreams of the long, long ago.

I went to my cousins house on Saturday. She had an open house so people could come learn about the alpaca's. He didn't like the camera!All I had to do was sit and spin. Towards the end I met a man named Charlie and he asked if I had ever heard of the song about the spinning wheel in the parlour. I didn't so I had to come home and look it up. Come to find out there are lots of songs for spinning and weaving....

So I got two bobbins full and I hope to ply them today. In between all the running I have done some dyeing, washed some of the Finn I sheared and knit some. Still need to take pics.

Fall is definitely starting to show. It is 50 dgree's here now which isn't bad actually. I am enjoying it. We are picking up black walnuts on a daily basis now and soon I will have to start making some black walnut brittle. The apples still need doing also. The potatoes need to be dug. But we did get all the water line for the house! Oddly I am normally freaking because I am not sure we can get it all done....but I am not.
Turkeys went for their last ride and we need to go pick them up tonight, along with Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts it should be a busy one. And we thought we lost another chicken, we called her Finger-licken Chicken (Iknow that's bad) but anyhow we found her sitting on a nest of two eggs in the bushes. The eggs aren't fertile so they won't hatch so I am going to have to take her off the nest but she gets mean so I will let the man handle that! We also got two new additions. A neighbor has a revolving door when it comes to animals, this time it is two chickens. We got a rooster and hen supposedly Aracuna Bantams. They are still young but she doesn't know how young. Oh well we will wait and see how they do, the kids would love a blue or green egg even if it is smaller than they are use to. And now I need to motivate and get something productive done. Hope all has a great week.

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