Friday, October 05, 2007

Some fiber content...

“The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together.” ~ William Shakespear

And the web of my life has gone into hyper-drive but for the most part it is all good. So because very once in a while I feel duty bound to put some fiber content into this blog, today will be one of those days.

Saturday I was able to spin up almost two full bobbins of yarn. Well I finished the second bobbin, plyed them and skeined it....I got approximately 288 heavy worsted yards.
#1 daughter gave me a list of fiber related jobs to do. She wants a pink star afghan for her friend, a green stocking for bf, and another stocking for her new cat. I might use the above yarn for the bf's stocking. But moving on... I started the afghan on Tuesday night and I am up to row 22 now. She wants it big enough for her friend to wrap up in.I have also been washing the finn fleece in small batches. I think I am going to wash it and then send it out to be made into roving. Now to just finish shearing.

Lets see...what else? I kool aid dyed some yarn and made a smple rolled brim hat. I needed a simple knit and this fit the bill.
I have also been raking up black walnuts. I am taking some to spinning today to share. I have LOTS. I might use some for dye but most will be made into Black Walnut Brittle. I found a recipe in a old cookbook years ago and decided to make it. Everyone loved it, so it has become a yearly thing. #2 Son does all the nut breaking but I get everyone in on the picking, make them work for their food!
And we had our visitor back for apples. He is being a pig. I have to get them before he does! Hope eveyone has a great weekend.


cyndy said...

Wow! He is handsome!

And your yarn is looking splendid!

You have a huge windfall of nuts! I wish I had help to make the brittle! No help, no brittle!

debey said...

HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!would you be willing to share the reciepe for the brittle??????????i discovered trees, about a mile from my house this summer...........