Wednesday, September 05, 2007

School Starts

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. ~Chinese Proverb

School started today :^(#2 Daughter awoke early hyperventillating while #2 son wanted to sleep for a little while longer. They are soooooo different. Daughter works hard for every A while son just gets them without the effort.

I am always ambivalent about sending them to school. On the one hand we get back into a routine which is easier on all of us but on the other I usually enjoy having them home. Then there are times when they are home and nit picking on each other that I wish school went all year!

Needless to say things have been in a frenzy around here. Along with the school shopping, meet the teacher nights and hair cuts, we have been busy freezing and picking things. The beans are shelled and the lima's are picked and drying. The tomatoes from the big garden are all picked and needing attention. The elderberries were picked and the juice frozen until later. We picked the pears and they need doing and in a couple of weeks we will be inundated with apples.

And like a ray of sunshine for all this work I get a treat... The man is working on Saturday so I have to wait til Sunday but then we are going to Endless Mt. Sheep and Wool Festival. I got some birthday money which I was told to spend on fiber and it is burning a hole in my pocket. I stumbled upon a picture of the Hemlock Ring done in a heavy worsted weight yarn with #10 needles and fell in love. So I am on a quest for the yarn....I should finish the sweater I started for me and I still have three stockings to finish but it is like an itch and it has to get scratched! Everything else will take longer and drag on if I don't scratch it because it is not what I want to be working on. I know that is very childish but at least I admit it....I am a flawed, flawed, flawed human.

Now I suppose I should go do something about those pears....but tomorrow is a guilt free knitting a day.

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cyndy said...

Love the school bus photo--it makes me want to climb aboard and have it wisk me off for a learning adventure! pfff! Education is wasted on the young!

See you this weekend!