Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I couldn't stay away

Put off thy cares with thy clothes; so shall thy rest strengthen thy labor, and so thy labor sweeten thy rest. ~ Francis Quarles

Last night we went back out to sit and look at the moon. Of course this morning we missed the eclipse as I was too tired to get up before 6. We did get to see a rerun of it on the morning news....yeah I know, not the same.

As I am watching my friends kids for the week I had extra hands to run around doing little errands. After a morning of cutting the broom corn, pulling some plants, and getting a cabbage and digging potatoes to go with the ham for dinner, I decided we needed to take a rest.

We got into bathing suits. I may be putting of my cares but there is NO way I was putting off my clothes....some things you just do not need to see in the light of day. But I digress, we packed some PB&J sandwiches and kool aid and off we went to the river. While wading in to get use to the water they noticed mussels on the riverbed. In a matter of minutes we had.... When we left they went back into the river because I told them they had to eat them if thye came home with us. They decided a ham dinner was more appetizing. When we came home we found out that the lines on the shell tell how old they are, like counting a tree's rings. We also found out that a large population indicates a healthy body of water and that the United States has 300 different kinds of mussels.

A little work, a little play and a biology lesson all in one day, not bad!

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