Sunday, September 09, 2007


The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry~ Robert Burns
Well I had plans to finish off the tomatoes or get the beans and broccoli picked. It didn't happen. But....I did go in my greenhouse garden and I pulled the Delicata squash ( I got 26 in varying size), I pulled the strawberry popcorn (I got about 40 ears) I pulled my lima plants and put them in the greenhouse. I had the man cut the sunflowers that were ready and I put them in the greenhouse. All the vines and stalks went to the pigs and they made hogs of themselves. Ha ha!

Then I went down to mom's we labeled and put away the pickle relish we made the other day and we sorted thru the pears to get the ripe ones and made a double batch of pear honey, then we made a double batch of salsa. We grated up 20 cups of zucchini and froze it. We dug some potatoes for dinner and cut a cabbage and had cornbeef for dinner. I definitely earned my day of rest at the Endless Mt.

So I went to bed with visions of alpaca, llama, angora and wool then woke up with a migraine. I took two tylenol, did the morning chores and pushed forward to the festival. When we got to the fairgrounds I took two more but it didn't really help. I walked around and bought a set of size 1 - 8 inch Crystal Palace Bamboo dpn's from Maple Creek Farm, 1.2 lbs of worsted weight 50%wool/50% alpaca yarn at Times Remembered, a set of size #0 -5 inch Brittany dpn's and a skein of Shepherds Shades yarn in Everglade from Misty Mountain Farm. I wish I could have stayed longer and looked at everything more carefully but I just wasn't up to it. I slept most of the way home which made me feel better so I wound the yarn and started the Hemlock Ring while watching The Last Mimzy. I am up to row 17. The kids came home and I think #2 daughter has a sinus infection so we are going to the dr. tomorrow which will give me some time to work on it. How's that for positive thinking! Now off to get them showered and in bed so I can knit some more.


cyndy said...

Your harvest is awesome! Thanks for sharing it! I love the corn and the sunflowers!, well the sunflowers are just amazing!

You work entirely tooo hard...please take care of yourself.

Great seeing you at the festival, and yes, he does look like Jack!

cyndy said...

ps...the Hemlock is beautiful, no doubt you will have it finished by the next time I see you...;-)

SIS said...

Everything looks fabulous. Yum Pear Honey. Love that label maker...

Well, sis have you made your therapy appointments yet??????? It may help those headaches too you know. I wish you could have enjoyed your fantasy day a little more. Glad you still got some goodies to brighten your day. Call for that appointment OKAY!!