Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter Solstice

Yule, is when the dark half of the year relinquishes to the light half. Starting the next morning at sunrise, the sun climbs just a little higher and stays a little longer in the sky each day. Known as Solstice Night, or the longest night of the year, much celebration was to be had as the ancestors awaited the rebirth of the Oak King, the Sun King, the Giver of Life that warmed the frozen Earth and made her to bear forth from seeds protected through the fall and winter in her womb. Bonfires were lit in the fields, and crops and trees were "wassailed" with toasts of spiced cider.- Yule Lore

Today is the Winter Solstice and the younger daughter and I have done our annual tradition. Years ago the show Little Bear had a segment where Little Bear and his family hung food out for the birds for the Solstice. Each year since we have rolled pinecones in peanut butter

and bird seed and hung them out for the birds and whatever else cares to nibble on them.
Up to this point we have only had a dusting of snow. Now that winter is officially here maybe we will get some of the white stuff….not as much as Colorado though! I guess the only white I am going to be seeing for Christmas is the white yarn I just finished spinning. I spun three singles and plied them together and got 350 yards of 10 wpi cushy cormo. This is the cormo that my cousin picked up for me at the MD S&W and I love it. I am going to dye some and make another hat.

Tomorrow I have to pick up last minute little things and then I am done shopping/running around until at least the end of next week. Luckily my family is all close so we don't have to travel and this year it will be great to have eldest daughter with us as we all missed her last year while she was in Iraq. And I finally seem to have gotten the Christmas spirit now that I know everything is done and now I can relax and have an enjoyable weekend. Hope you all do too.

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