Monday, December 11, 2006

A full weekend

Friday was shopping for food and presents and a side trip to the feed store.

Saturday I went to the LYS to get circulars to do the Andean Headband. They had a #5 circ but no #3. Then I went and cleaned house for a friend who is in the hospital but expecting company for Chanukah. Afterwards we went to the tree farm to pick out two tree's. We pulled in and saw this sign

who could shop for a tree from the comfort of a vehicle anyhow. You have to get cold and have snowball fights and size the tree up. And who would have thought you could find THE perfect tree …twice!! But we did. Thankfully it wasn’t so cold and it was a great day for tree picking. Then we took the younger daughter shopping so she could buy her gifts and we ate dinner out.

Sunday the younger daughter had two girl friends over. I took the laundry to mom's and was able to get it all done and in between loads get some knitting in. Then the girl’s mom came over and they all stayed for dinner.

So what did I knit…my own version of the Andean. I wrote down the directions for the Andean but not the chart. I didn’t think I would actually have the time to get that far along but I did. Well I knew the chart was fairly close to the chart from the Triple Patterned Watch Cap so I used that chart as I had it with me. I didn’t have the #3’s that it called for so I just stayed with the #5 and I am so glad I did because it just fits me. I don’t like the K2 P2 done in the #5. I am going to make another but use the twined herringbone edge and the duff chart from the Watch Cap.

I need to do a pair of mittens and a pair of fingerless mitts for Christmas so I need to put the stranded knitting on hold until they are done.
And instead of doing my work I am sitting here watching a flock of starlings devour the suet cake. The little downy woodpecker doesn't like them! They started coming on Friday I guess the cold weather brought them in. Hopefully the weather will be warming up a little this week.


cyndy said...

Glad you got the tree!

And your knitting is awesome! What yarn did you use? (is it by chance some of your Finn??)

Judy said...

The yarn is Paton's Merino again. I had just enough of the gray to do this. It was so close Ruthie thought I measured it just for this!