Friday, December 15, 2006

I am the navigator.

Time flies. It is up to you to be the navigator. ~ Robert Orbin

I have not been a good navigator recently. Instead of finishing the two projects that I had planned, I actually added two more! All of these projects are fairly easy and would go fast if the time allowed, but time has been stretched to the limit with the season. The kids have parties for Boy/Girl Scouts and each of their classes has parties next week. Wednesday night was my son’s concert and this coming Monday he will sing in the mall with his choir. Yesterday the Ladies Aux. at the firehouse baked cookies all day to send to soldier’s in Iraq and today we have to package them all.

But back to fiber content. I had to make a pair of mittens and a pair of fingerless gloves. I added a stocking and crocheted tops to dish towels. My oldest daughter wants the last two but the stocking isn’t for her, it is for her cat. The cat’s name is Cleocatra and it is my “grandkitten” or so she keeps telling me.
So I was going to do the stocking using the stranded method I am learning…and so I found a picture of a kitten here, enlarged it and printed it out. I put a graph paper in front of it and got it as close to it as I could. I go threw the yarn I have and I don’t have the colors I need and I do NOT want to go to the store so I decide to make it from homespun. Now I will use my homespun on shawls and for hats and mittens but usually nothing with details because my homespun is not the most consistent or blob free. But I have lots of natural color spun and decide I will dye some red and green. Then I decide the fur on the hat and kitten have to have some angora in it. So I just happen to have white and gray and I spin up some singles of them and ply it with the yarn I am going to use. Then being me I just start knitting obliviously…. and then I realize I would have to carry three colors at one time while working the chart. Being fairly new to knitting I go and research and realize this is not “fair isle” but “intarsia”. So I read on how to do it and find it can’t be done in the round which is how I am knitting the stocking. So I forge on and knitted it flat during the chart and then went back to knitting in the round and will sew the seam when I am done. I am working on the gusset now. I liked knitting the hat in the two colors but I can’t say that I liked the intarsia. I like the possibilities of it but the bobbins were a pain.

So now I am going to navigate back to knitting and hopefully will post pictures when I am done which if I navigate carefully should be tonight!

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