Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It seems I don’t pay attention to floats at the start of the rows! And that is not all I have learned already! While talking to Cyndy I realized I start patterns without reading. If I read them I wouldn’t start most of them. Then when I get to a problem area I have to continue because I have so much time invested! Oh I guess most important I am learning to knit the English/throw/American way. My own version of it but I am getting it done.
So anyhow I started knitting the small version of this hat and boy it is small so I guess I will give it to my daughters friend who has a two year old.

The Full Cold Moon Posted by Picasa

Last night was the Full Cold Moon and it felt like it. It went down to 19 and today they don’t expect it to go above freezing so it is a perfect time to snuggle down and knit!!!

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