Friday, December 08, 2006

The Hat is Done

It is Friday and it is only 10 degrees right now. The kids have a two hour delay because of a snow squall that went thru last night. It is COLD and windy and COLD! To bad I didn’t make the hat to fit me as I could use it right now.

I did finish the hat last night and I will do another. So what else did I learn from doing this….

1. I don’t like that the body pattern is hidden behind the cuff so I will either not turn it or I will just knit plain behind the cuff on the next one.

2. I got the throwing knitting down pretty good and was able to get pretty fast knitting that way. I hold the yarn coming up in between my index and middle finger and going over the last three and back down between my hand and the project. When I need to use the color in the right hand I let go of the needle and just move my hand forward and back to pick up the needle. It is odd but it works for me.

3. I did two repeats of the body chart and then turned the cuff up. In the pictures there should be some of the body pattern showing and in mine there wasn’t so I did rows 1 & 2 again. AFTER I got done with it and didn’t like the way it came out I tried figuring it out…I was actually knitting to gauge even though I don’t swatch and the pattern said knit the body chart for 3 ½ inches. If 6 ¾ rows =1 inch than 23.625 rows would be 3 ½ inches and I did 22 rows and it messed with the pattern. This could also be because I didn’t do the one row of MC that they said to do between the body and crown chart so…

4. Read and re-read the pattern while knitting. :^D I have a slight tendency to just march forward.

All in all it was fun and kept me going because I wanted to see the pattern. I learned how to knit with two hands and how to work in the floats. I think I am going to make a bunch of the Andean-Style Headbands from Interweave. The pattern is basically the same as the cuff on the Triple Patterned Watch Cap. It only calls for 53 yards of one color and 25 yards of another so I can get rid of a lot of leftovers from other projects.

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cyndy said...

Great to see you (and said hat) yesterday! The hat looks fabulous, and the colors you chose really make that pattern pop! I'm thinking that you are obviously not "stranded colorwork challenged", more like you've mastered it. Excuse me while I go back and admire the herringbone stitch around the crown.....