Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sunday Morning At The Pond

CAST: #2 Daughter -naïve teenager
Mom-Resident amateur photographer
The man-step-dad extroadinare

SETTING: MOM and #2 DAUGHTER taking a walk one early Sunday morning toward the pond in front yard MOM taking pictures

#2 DAUGHTER: (walking ahead gets to the pond) Mom come quick something is wrong with the frogs!

MOM: What’s the matter? (walking toward her daughter)

#2 DAUGHTER: I think one of the frogs is dead and something is wrong with the other one.

MOM: Call the man so he can get the dead one out. (continues to walk toward pond)

#2 DAUGHTER: Man, come quick one of the frogs is dead (screaming as it is nicer to let everyone in the valley know we have a dead frog on Sunday morning instead of walking up to him)

#2 DAUGHTER AND MAN (walking toward pond with #2 telling him that one of the frogs is dead and he has to fish it out)

THE MAN: Are you sure it is dead? It is cold this morning and he may just be conserving his energy.

#2 DAUGHTER: No it’s dead. It is not moving.
THE MAN finds a stick, kneels by pond and tries to move frog to side of pond where he can reach him. Frog takes offense at being poked and swims away.

#2 DAUGHTER: Oh it’s alive. (Stating the obvious. She is after all an honor roll student)

THE MAN: It was just cold like I told you.

#2 DAUGHTER: But somethings wrong with the other one.

THE MAN (still kneeling looks at the other one and looks up at the MOM) There is nothing wrong with it there are just two frogs on top of one.

#2 DAUGHTER: Well can you get them off so they don’t drown her?

THE MAN: #2 Leave them be, they are (red neck drawl) farn-a -kate-in’

#2 DAUGHTER: What’s that? Will they hurt her?

MOM: #2 They are having sex and no they won’t hurt her
THE MAN: Eww! #2’s watching froggy porn! (starts running away)

#2 DAUGHTER: No I am not (totally embarrassed, starts chasing him)

Curtain closes on a weird family moment.

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SIS said...

Too cute. An animal "peeking Tomasina" story. LOL...