Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Out like a Lamb/All Fool's Day

"The first of April, some do say,
Is set apart for All Fools' Day.
But why the people call it so,
Nor I, nor they themselves do know.
But on this day are people sent
On purpose for pure merriment."
- Poor Robin's Almanac, 1790
I am NOT joking when I say March went out like a lamb! My second ewe had her lambs late yesterday afternoon. She had two white boys and a girl who is jet black with a white topcap. Momma and babies are all doing fine. I am so glad it is over with, now the kids just need to pick some names. I will try to get some pictures today.

In other news the native residents are all over. These two toms were so involved in showing off to each other that they didn't care that most of the hens had already gone up into the woods! The deer are all coming down into the fields and lawns to munch on that first green grass. I am just hoping the fox and coyote's stay far away.

On the homefront, I feel like I am ahead of the game for the first time. The flower garden around the pond is all raked and so is the front yard. And the pile in the greenhouse garden got burnt. I was going to move on to the big garden yesterday but it rained. Rain is expected for today too so I am just going to run errands. Hopefully I will get back home early enough to get into the greenhouse and get some seeds started.

In fiber news I am still working on the Ice Queen (4 of 14 repeats done) and the poncho. I am saying the Ice Queen will be done by the end of the week....sooner if it rains more this week.


cyndy said...

So glad all went well with the lambs!

say...did you see that 2 headed frog?

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the new babies.

Last night the frogs were all over the roads, as were the rabbits!!! I guess it's official. Spring has sprung.


autums-grace said...

hi girl ,your work is so great.i still use the one you made for me. so happy about your lambs.