Tuesday, April 22, 2008


To the Dandelion,
Dear common flower, that grow'st beside the way,
Fringing the dusty road with harmless gold,
First pledge of blithesome May,
Which children pluck, and, full of pride, uphold,
High-hearted buccaneers, o'erjoyed that they
An Eldorado in the grass have found,
Which not the rich earth's ample round
May match in wealth, thou art more dear to me
Than all the prouder summer-blooms may be.
~ James Russel Lowell

Yesterday I found the first dandelion of the season. I look forward to seeing them and then get frustrated when they pop up right after I mow the lawn! And seeing as how it is earth day you know I mow it using my goats and sheep and I only resort to a reel mower when need be....NOT! I am feelin' extremely un-politically correct today. Must be the fact that today is also PA primary. I can't wait until it's done so they STFU (#1 daughters initialism, you will figure it out but in case you need a hint the S stands for shut).

On a less antagonistic note, I finished the first selbu mitten. Well actually I didn't do the thumb yet. Gardening has taken center stage so knitting is slow. This weekend we were able to move the rhubarb in the large garden, finish cleaning it up and we got it rototilled. The rototiller then stopped working so the greenhouse garden didn't get done. The man has to see what is wrong with it tonight.

In the greenhouse the cabbage, broccoli, millet, and sunflowers all have their second leaves. The huckleberry, green zebra, reisentraube, blondekopchen and basil are up. There is no sign of the roma, amish paste, ground cherry, wasipinion or black krim and only 1 red cabbage. I think I am going to start another flat of amish paste with more seed just so I know I have them as they are my main tomato. If the garden were ready I would plant the lettuce. I might just put some in pots.

Today, fter doing my civic duty, I intend to move some elderberry plants and perennial sunflower. I also have to find a better place for the currants.

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finnsheep said...

The mitten is gorgeous!!!