Sunday, April 27, 2008


"Let the rain kiss you.
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.
Let the rain sing you a lullaby.
The rain makes still pools on the sidewalk.
The rain makes running pools in the gutter.
The rain plays a little spell-song on our roof at night--
And I love the rain."-
Langston Hughes, April Rain Song

It wasn't raining when we went to bed and we did not need it to sing us a lullaby as we were exhausted. It was however great to wake in the middle of the night and hear it hitting the roof. We need the rain so bad as we haven't had measureable rain in two weeks. It also gives me an excuse to be lazy today and I need it as we kicked our own asses this weekend.

Friday while the man was at work and kids in school, I drove to town and cleaned a friends house, picked up seed potatoes, went grocery shopping for the week and stopped at the feed store and got feed. Then when the man got home we sheared the angora goat and one sheep. The one sheep being Bozo who started out looking like this....and ended up looking like this. I can not wait to dive into this.Saturday we did the morning chores, sheared the last two sheep- the mama's. We thought if we let the babies by them they would be okay....The lambs were trying to nurse while we were shearing and walking on the fleece. What a PITA, so the second one was definitely louder but much easier on us. After a shower we went for hay, paid for stock panels, went to Home Depot, went to lunch, detoured to order mower parts which will be in Tuesday, stopped and looked at a brush hog with a plow and snow blower attachment, unloaded hay, went back to town to pick up stock panels, stopped at Walmart to get son his spring gobbler license (they didn't sell them but saved 13 cents a gallon getting gas there instead of from a gas station 1/4 mile away, too big of a difference to not take advantage of) detoured again to go to hunting store (told us go to county treasury now) bought bait, unloaded panels, did evening chores, the guys went fishing, I did laundry and #2 daughter did dishes

Sunday the guys got up at 2:30 to drive my brother and SIL to Newark airport for their trip to FL. When they got home we did the morning chores and I went to a friends house to help build a stone wall around her garden. About mid afternoon her kids came back with me to play with my kids. Cleaned house, did laundry, did uncles pills for the week, cooked dinner for everyone. After hubby woke up he tried to fix the rototiller -needs new diaphragm on distributor-it is Sunday, it's wasn't going to happen. So washed and detailed my car and he worked on building a pen with the stock panels and ordered our piglets and roaster chicks. Saturday we go pick up the roasters and hopefully the piglets.

Now the kids are on their way to school, the man is at work, the morning chores are done, the house is clean, it's raining outside and I have hours before they all come home and no place I have to go....Life is definitely good.


SIS said...

Hey Sis---glad to hear you finally had a day to indulge yourself. I hope you took full advantage and had a great day. BY the Way--BIG bro is trying to call you. I told him park was confirmed but you know how he is ....feeling unloved and thinking of adopting another family............LOL. Call him.

Leslie Shelor said...

Looks like busy and fun times! Your season is a bit ahead of ours, although things are blooming right along!