Friday, April 25, 2008

Morning time

Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it. ~Richard Whately
And who would want to lose an hour in Spring? It is slowly creeping in - heat wise it feels like summer! The quince is starting to bloom, as is the PJM and the lawn is covered with violets.I had been forewarned by Cyndy that the snakes were out so I wasn't surprised when I went out to hang laundry and saw him.In other Springy news....Wednesday I picked the first asparagus!!!It was only 12 stalks so I gave it to mom for her and my uncle to enjoy. I also got some chives out of the garden and dehyrated them. A couple of years ago I made an herb mix from Living with Herbs by Jo Ann Gardner and loved it so I am making more of an effort to dehydrate herbs so I can make it again.

One duck started setting on eggs on Sunday and by Monday afternoon there were two in there so look for duckling pictures somewhere around May 11th if all goes well.

And in fiber news...I finished the thumb on the selbuvotter.
I read when you cast on the stitches that go over the thumb to cast on in pattern. I did and for my first it doesn’t look that bad (atl east I don’t think so). I went to court with a friend Wednesday and brought my knitting with me but knew I couldn't concentrate on selbu so I started Tiny Treasure socks and finished the pair yesterday.The parts for my shears FINALLY came in. They said they were waiting on the extra blades I ordered so it would be one package. I didn't need the blades to shear as I have some, I needed the parts. Anyhow they finally sent it with only the bottom blade! Oh well I don't care at this point. The man easily fixed them last night and we are back on track.
Today's agenda is to go clean a friends house. His surgery went well but he is still in alot of pain. Then grocery shopping, a stop at the feed store and then home to shear when the man gets off work. Hopefully we will finish by tomorrow when the rain is due. Wouldn't it be nice if we got the rototiller running again and the greenhouse garden got tilled before the rain? I am pressing my luck there I guess!

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Anonymous said...

Love the flower pix, great shots! Have fun with your baby ducklings. I'm just a little jealous, but the hawks and coyotes are relentless up here, so I will have to enjoy seeing your ducklings long distance. LOL

Your mittens are gorgeous! Beautiful work lady. I don't even try something like that. I am not good with stranded knitting at all.