Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Blissful Exhaustion

I'm knocked out, I've never felt so physically and mentally exhausted, I'm quite stupid with it and long only for bed; but I am happy... Claude Monet

Mom was suppose to go have her hair done this morning, but the hairdresser is also a bus driver and someone ran into the rear of her bus - luckily nobody was hurt. Since I didn't have to drive mom to her appt, I made full use of the time....I entered the greenhouse. It was windy and only got up to 45 outside but was 70+ inside.

Aila (the bottle lamb) came with me to keep me company. Soon there was the meow of the cat at the door and things started to get crowded. Then I found proof we had another occupant, which meant that there were three too many in that greenhouse. I vanquished all but me and was finally able to get somethings done.

A couple of weeks ago I had managed some cleaning but more was required. I sorted thru all and I mean all the containers, tossed some, set some aside for a friend, and only kept ones that were of similar size. After straightening everything out, I got down to some serious playing in the dirt. I started two different broccoli, cabbage, two different lettuce and some arugula. Then I had to go shower so I could go to the Post Office before they closed as they had two packages for me. One package was cranberry bushes I had ordered and the other was a surprise package from my cousin. It was a pound of wool! I have to email the enabler and thank her and find out what kind it is.

The camera and lighting has not been very co-operateive in photo-ing the new lambs. Hoping things would be better I put the recharged batteries in the camera and took it to the barn. When I got there the lambs were laying outside of the jug. I put them back in and mom didn't want to let the two boys nurse pushing them away but would let the black girl. I checked her to make sure she was okay and she was so I held her up against the wall and let them get their full. Then during evening chores she would let one of the males nurse but not the other so we held her again and then she was fine and didn't push him anymore. I will have to keep a close eye on her and I think I will leave her in there for a few more days.

With out further ado, the blogger debut of lamb batch #2. On the left is Sable, jet black except for that patch of white on her head. Her wool is about an inch long already with no crimp. The one on the right is a boy named Frosty. He is the smallest one, and the one mom kept pushing away.
Frosty in the front and McFlurry in the back. You can't see it in the picture that well he (McFlurry) has long straight wool on his face but his body is going to be crimpy. That's cardboard behind them as the man tacked it up as he didn't want them laying next to the cinderblock wall as he said it would be cold!

In other fiber news, I have finished 11 of 14 pattern repeats on the Ice Queen but made no more progress on the poncho. Mom's appt has been rescheduled to tomorrow so hopefully I can get the Queen's repeats done. Right now I am off to relax before calling it an early night.

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cyndy said...

They are all SO ADORABLE!!

You have been SO busy!! Don't know how you keep at it! You polished off the ICE Queen in no time at all! I was on it for weeks!