Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bad Luck and Good Luck

“All of us have bad luck and good luck.
The man who persists through the bad luck
- who keeps right on going
- is the man who is there when the good luck comes
- and is ready to receive it.”Robert Collier

Yesterday was such a day and boy was I ready to receive it. I awoke with a migraine to find the kids had a two hour delay. I laid down on the couch and promptly fell back to sleep. #2 daughter woke me up yelling at her brother to hurry up he was going to miss the bus. The man had already packed his own lunch and left for work. I sat up started telling #2 son to hurry up. He leaves to walk down to the main road. A half hour later, I tell #2 daughter to go to her grandmother's to fill her bird feeders for her while I go take a shower so we can leave. She comes back telling me #2 son is still standing down by the road. I look at the clock and realize I sent him down an hour early! I send her down to tell him to go into my brother's house which he does.

I go out with the broom and start cleaning my car off. It has an accumulation of Sunday's snow and Sunday nights sleet and freezing rain. In the process I break my windshield wiper blade off. I have to take #2 daughter to her doctor for a re-check as she had pneumonia....a 20 mile ride to town, you know I am going to need those wipers.

We start out...I don't even get three miles up the road and my low gas light goes on and the dinger dings. Yup, the man I am going to marry left me on E again! Well I realize everyone has to have faults and he is near perfect and I can deal with this on a normal day but not on a I have to drive on these bad roads day. So, I have to take a detour up a twisty hill to get to the closest gas station so I can make it into town. We make it up the hill, get to a flat twisty part and the car starts sliding. I know the man's ears were burning because I was cursing him up oneside and down the other. I just knew we were going to end up in the ditch because I had to detour for gas that he should have put in. But we make it to the gas station.

We then made it to the Dr.'s where I threw snow on my windshield to get the mud off. We go in and find out her left lung is not clearing up so she has to go back next Monday as well. We go for groceries and buy/install a new wiper blade and head home.

We stop at the end of the road for #2 daughter to get the mail. She gets in the car and I start up my mom's road and I am told "I didn't get grandma's mail". Now we do this everyday so why she didn't do it, I have no idea. I back down the road, look at her like she has two heads and she gets out to get the mail. We deliver it and start up my road where I proceed to drive over somthing that puts two punctures in my tire.

I get in the house with my groceries and Cyndy calls telling me "Congratulations". As I have no clue what she is talking about she tells me I have an e-mail stating I won a contest. Leslie over at http://greenberry.blogspot.com/ had a "Name the Doll" contest and I won! I picked the name "Woolma" and won two skeins of yarn and Rosewood knitting needles! Needless to say that was the highlight of my day. How cool is that? Thank You!!!!

Eventhough things seem to have righted themselves in my little universe upon my return to home I didn't want to chance it and since I did not trust myself with yarn or pointy dpn's no work got done on the stocking last night.

I did however finish the Fidget this weekend and it only lacks two hand carved buttons from Cyndy to be complete.

This AM I did somthing stupid... I started an afghan for my son's girl friend- as if I didn't have enough on my plate. I wanted to do a spiral as it is Bernat Softee Chunky in various shades of pink and orange (her favorite colors) but son said no round afghan it's too weird.So I am just doing the solid granny square that I used to do daughter's boyfriends afghan. I have used one skein already so it is moves quickly at least!

Today the kids have another two hour delay due to snow squalls. I have to drive mom to a doctor's appointment and visit my aunt in the nursing home....We are taking mom's car which has a full tank of gas! Wish us luck!

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