Wednesday, December 12, 2007

...while cares drop off like autumn leaves.

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.” John Muir
Yesterday was actually a day of peace and I did return home with energy although I did not climb any mountains...I did however drive them, does that count? It was great. It started with a phone call from Cyndy whom I haven't spoken to in far too long. We both have so much going on and it was nice to hear her voice. They say a good friend is cheaper than therapy and it does seem to be. Since I was going out to run errands, I stopped by her house to pick up the buttons for my Fidget.
Then it was off to take Mom to the bank, post office, another bank, McDonalds and home. At the post office I got another gift...It was my winnings from Greenberry House. I have decided to put the yummy yarn away until I feel "springy". I tend to knit with colors of the seasons, stupid I know but I am afraid if I push the rhododendron color into the dark time of year I won't do it justice. But boy is it tempting, merino and angora....poor pic but beautiful yarn.

I am however going to put those needles to use. Grace started a scarf using the Woodland Shawl and it is beautiful. When I was putting an order into KnitPicks, two skeins of Palette Rainforest and Brindle Heather fell off the virtual shelf and into the virtual cart! The Brindle is going to become a scarf using that Woodland Shawl pattern.

But I digress, I came home with a renewed energy. I added the buttons to Fidget. I tied in the ends of the two other ice scraper mitts, added buttons to another towel set that I had done earlier in the year, tied in the ends of a keyhole scarf. Took pics of all that, although not very good pics, but I got them done.

#2 daughter asked to put on Christmas music while she was making dinner (Yeah!!!) and I don't want my duldroms to rub off on her so I said sure. Oddly enough by the time we turned it off I was singing away or at least that is what I called it -the family had some other words for it!

After dinner I started working on the stocking that has been sitting here while I worked on everything else and things just clicked and it sped along and I am at the heel flap now...I should finish it today! Sometimes I guess that is all we need - just one good day to get us through, I am very lucky to have received that.
Looking forward...tomorrow is guilt free knitting day so I need to decide what to bring for that. They are calling for 1-3 inches of snow which I am hoping will hold off until we get home. We were so lucky that the ice storm here was nothing like Missouri got. I do have my ear to the weather channel for this weekend...I have heard if all goes wrong we could get a foot of snow! Maybe I should bring wool for more mittens to guilt free knitting!

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Deanna said...

Thanks for the Ravelry comment! I'm already working on getting my yarn pics on Flickr.

Love the ice scraper mittens!