Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another Day

The ideals which have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, Beauty, and Truth. Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Saturday we went to the steak bake for my friend whose son was lost in Iraq. The proceeds helped fund the scholarship in his name. It was bittersweet. It was great to see how many people showed up to support this cause, yet sad that they had too. The mom was a wreck not knowing if anyone was going to show up because they forgot him already and then flipping to worrying if they had enough to feed everyone! It was suppose to end at 6 but everyone stayed to eat more and talk until after 11 PM.

Sunday Mom and I were able to get two batches of salsa and half a batch of polish ketchup canned. She had made 8 pints pickles while I was helping a friend move on Friday and at some point we made 7 pints of pickle relish.Sunday night Farmer Dave called and said he had some fleeces and to come get them. I know there is Jacob, Icelandic, Shetland and Cheviot. He can't remember what else. Wednesday night the man is going to help him shear someone else's animals and I will be getting 6 or 8 dorset fleece and an alpaca. I need to spin faster.

Yesterday I had a Dr's appt and found out I have to have physical therapy three times a week which is going to seriously cut into the gardening/canning time but the waiting time may open up more knitting time! On the way home I stopped at the feed store and when home i was able to get three gallons of tomatoes froze. Then we went to pick up the bottom cabinets for the kitchen. The friend I am helping move bought new ones for her house and was getting rid of the old ones...I got them. We passed the inspection and now the wiring needs to get done....all the stuff is there, breaker box, breakers, wire, boxes nailed in place etc....now the wire just needs to be run.

Today it is raining and I made sweet potato muffins and turkey alphabet soup. I hope to make zucchini chocolate chip cookies later. I grated up two gallon bags of zucchini to freeze. Then I sliced, blanched and froze slices of zucchini. I am catching up so when the rains stops and I can get in the garden I wont be freaking again.
Now I am going to make a pot of coffee for when the man gets home and then I am going to sit on my butt and enjoy the evening.

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cyndy said...

wow! Everything looks very yummy...you are really being very productive!