Saturday, August 25, 2007

Summer Swimming

"...Do not fear to put thy feet
Naked in the river sweet;
Think not leech, or newt, or toad,
Will bite thy foot when thou hast trod;
Nor let the water rising high
As thou wad'st in, make thee cry
And sob; but ever live with me,
And not a wave shall trouble thee." John Fletcher

Rain on Wednesday, a guilt-free knitting Thursday, and Friday was payday, as in you need to pay for not getting into the garden sooner! There were berries (nephews dumped them -lets move on) broccoli (freezer), beans (some freezer some pigs) and tomatoes. So I took some of theseand made two batches of salsa...the 1/2 full jar comes home
and a batch of chili sauce.
I finished in time to tell the man we were having pizza for dinner. Today dawned humid....air you can wear...
after making two more batches of salsa (Sis pic's will come as proof later) it was off to the river. We have not had time to go swimming this year and we should have taken the time. We felt great afterwards and were able to enjoy the rest of the day. I even got in some spinning before the mosquito's drove us indoors. The man took #2 son out on the boat for some night fishing. #2 daughter and I are relaxing and watching Disney.
Tomorrow we will go forth and can some more...we haven't finished the tomatoes yet and I am sure there are more where they came from.


cyndy said...

Oh, I just love John Fletchers poem about the river...

and when it is hot and humid like this, the river has fianlly warmed up enough for me to get in (did you try not to think of the fish and snakes?)

from the looks of things, you are swimming in tomatoes too! don't forget to come up for air!

SIS said...

The river looks so fabulous. I wish I was there to dip my toes as well. I hope you all enjoyed. Hugs!! You can keep those chili sauces, where are the onion relishes and pickles????????? LOL

Judy said...

Refer back to 8/21 and you will see we made pickles. As for the onion relish we could have made that while you were up here...or you could make that yourself!!! Vidalia onions are something I don't grow. Did you ever make that onion chocolate cake?