Friday, November 17, 2006

The Weekend Cometh

“There aren't enough days in the weekend.”
Rod Schmidt

Lately there just have not been enough days period. It seems like I am always running somewhere, which might explain why I like doing the more portable projects like socks,

and thrummed mittens and I have got to clean my lens because both of these pics have a blur towards the bottom left. The thrummed mittens are from a pattern on line but I didn't thrum from the wrist up like they said to do because everything I read said how hot they are and I mainly wanted his fingers warm. If I make them again I will do it the right way. The first one I made the thrums as I went but the second one I made them all in advance which sped things along.

Had it not rained the whole week we would have had the shingles on the house but this has now been planned for today and tomorrow and some where in here we have to go get a washing machine. I need (yes it surpasses want) a washer.

At the feeders we have been getting more visitors...we immediately got the chickadees and titmouse but the juncos started about two weeks ago and then the sparrows, a wren, the flicker, and the downy woodpecker with the cardinal thrown in for color. He doesn't come often and I have never seen the female. Some pose and others are of the eat and fly variety. And as I sit here I see a movement in the woods...two squirrels chasing each other and a deer is walking by. And as quick as that I realize I should quit my b*tching because as hectic as days can be I have the time to stop and watch natures antic's for a while. It brings it home just how lucky I am. I could be sitting in an office, working in a factory or living in a city. But no I do have the fortune of living in the country and not having to work so I am there to help family and friends when they need it. And now with my priorites righted I am off to chart my day. Have a good weekend.

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