Friday, October 13, 2006

The first frost

Jack Frost took his paintbrush
as he sailed across the sky
so every morning as the sun comes up
his artwork greets the eye
there’s reds and gold’s and yellows
all of a breath taking view
but no matter how hard he tries
he can never make leaves turn blue
so when you’re in bed sleeping
and outside everything seems faint
just remember at midnight
Jack Frost begins to paint
© By Carl Jessee

We have been very lucky this year and didn't have frost before now.
The didn't get any yet but thinks they will tonight. Our average first frost date is September 24 but we have had it well before that some years. My sister who lives in Puerto Rico is up and it is quite the shock to her system! I don't think I have seen her with less than three layers on while outside. You would think we were in Buffalo with the 21 inches of snow!!

The guys have left on their salmon fishing trip to Pulaski and #2 daughter and I are going to have a girls night and watch the movie Click. Stay warm!

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Terri said...

What beautiful photos.