Thursday, June 02, 2011

A Wonderful Day

"A little of what you fancy does you good."  Marie LLoyd

Today was to be cooler (66 degrees at 12:30!!!) and I fancied myself getting the garden finished.  I went out early, let the ducks out,

applied a coating of sun block, breathed in deep to appreciate the scent of locust blossom and got to work.  I got some tilling done, beds raked and 44 tomatoes planted and then I started  feeling the familiar twinges of sunburn so I am calling it quits until later.  So much for sun block!

I picked some lettuce before coming in to make a salad for lunch.  I planted several kinds as we  enjoy the different colors and textures.

I am surprised it has not bolted and turned bitter.  I have a cool/shady spot to plant some more in.  

Tuesday I got the cucumbers, zucchini and yellow squash planted.  Then the man came home from work and I had to take him to the hospital.  Eight hours later he was diagnosed with neck and jaw contusions and a severe cervical strain.  Yesterday I spent the day babying him and consolidating two freezers into one.  Today he went to work, don't know if that was the best idea but he is stubborn.

Had a great weekend with #1, Sir T and G-baby O.  He is giving his mom a hard time would be really mean of me to giggle hysterically about grandkids being great revenge so I will contain myself with great effort.   Saturday,  Sir T went with #1 son to compete in a kickball contest.  We stayed home and tilled a new section to add to the garden.  We planted 30+ pounds of potatoes and the corn....cooed all over Baby O.  Sunday, #1 had friends over so we picked up our dinners from the VFW and ate here.  With an evening fire, smores and the passing on of some magazines it was a good day.  The guys tried to make it better by going fishing but nothing sizable was caught.  Monday we let the exhausted parents sleep in a little while we hogged baby O.  After a late breakfast, showers and packing they left to stop in and see the progress of #1 son and A's new house.  Hopefully Sir T will find a job comparable to what he makes now and they will be up here in the near future.

And the future is looking better than it was a week ago.  I always get antsy about getting the garden in so I am feeling better now that so much has been accomplished.  I picked up my wool so have lots to keep my spinning wheel going.  I finished the sweater for my nephew and working on little things to use up some scraps.  The fruit and berries are looking promising

The weather today was perfect.  Life is definitely looking good.  


Sandie Knapp said...

I'm happy to hear that things are looking better and going well for you. It has to be more fun being the Grandparent. You can always return the little one, when you've had enough. A parent can't do that. LOL

Take care and keep well. :)

cyndy said...

Oh NO! Hope the man is feeling better by now! He should take it easy for a few days..put the gone fishin sign on the door!

Nice to hear that you had a good weekend with the grandbaby O.

And the garden sounds perfect!

Those honey locust look as pretty as they smell!

Linda said...

Sorry to hear about your husband; hope he's on the mend very soon. Glad you are getting into the garden. Wow! You sure got a lot done. And happy to hear of the wonderful weekend with the family and little grandbaby. Wishing you wonderful weather and more great weekends!