Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time for an ark?

"And it came to pass after seven days, that the waters of the flood were upon the earth" ~Bible quote

Yesterday morning #2 and I didn't walk because it was pouring..

This morning we didn't walk because it was pouring...

We rented Gnomeo & Juliet and then the power went out.  Called the electric company to find it would be at least two hours before it came back on.  Decided to drive to Walmart.

Our normal tranquil river had become a fast moving current resembling chocolate milk.  Luckily it is not to go over flood stage.

The rained continued on the ride there and was deafening while in the store.  Home Depot is right around the corner.  I figured my car would not be able to carry enough wood for an ark but I started thinking if it would be able to haul enough for a raft.  But when we exited Walmart the rain had stopped.

The ride home however went a lot slower than the ride to town.  The old canals had filled and were spilling across the road, streams that were carrying too much water for the under ground culvert to handle flooded the roads.

Both state roads with their side eroding ....

and township roads took a hit.

We have had about six inches of rain and expect more storms tonight, Friday and Saturday.  Sunday and Monday will allow us to dry out before more storms on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It is nuisance rain, nothing compared to the flooding in the midsection of the US or the droughts of the south but it still was not fit for man or beast

to go walking through.  And my garden is not happy to have a stream running through it.


cyndy said...

As if the towpath were not bad enough!

I'm almost afraid to drive on it in spots, who knows what sink hole lurk!

Glad you made it home OK.

Your fawn is SO MUCH BIGGER than the twins up here! Has it been munching on your garden ;-)

Hope to see ya soon..think dry sunny thoughts!

Linda said...

Lots of rain here, too. This is a bummer of a summer so far. Glad your shopping trip was a safe one. Wishing you many sunny, warm days to come!