Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

"Whatever is dreamed on this night, will come to pass."
William Shakespeare - A Mid-Summernight's Dream

I will be dreaming of a great summer harvest but I don't think I will get it.  The cucs, zucchini and yellow squash seem to be in slooooooooooow mode. Add the beans to that also and the peppers and the broccoli.  The weather has been erratic, days of rain and cool weather followed by high temps.  The potatoes are doing okay, the tomatoes are over their shock of transplanting and the corn will be knee high by the fourth of July. Hopefully this guy obeys the rules of the garden fence...

 The apples and black walnuts are loaded and if the birds let me have any the berry harvest should be awesome.

Today also marks the first day of summer vacation for the kids.  As usual we had the whirlwind of end of school year activities.  Add to that driving lessons for #2, walking with #2, graduation ceremony and party for friends daughter, fathers day, bathing the skunked cat and I am tired.  On one trip to pick up #2 son I came home with three turkey poults.  My kids love when we mix business with pleasure.

The man is picking me up straw mulch tonight and my friend is getting me piles of newspaper.  Tomorrow we mulch. Those poor unsuspecting teens of mine!!!!  And my roaster chicks are to arrive with the morning mail, so I know those kids will not miss school at all!!!

Fiber-wise I haven't done much.  I finished spinning a bobbin last night and plied it back on it's self.  I have had a love affair with granny squares for some reason.  I sit and crochet the first row over and over using up all the little scraps.  Next will be adding to that row with larger scraps....at some point I might have an afghan but for now it is using up yarn while I decide what I want to work on.  I have the spring fleeces that I need to wash and today is as good a day as any so that is on the agenda.  And since our walk is already done, the yogurt is making, two loads of laundry is done....I guess that means nothing is standing in the way of me getting off my duff and getting started.

Hope whatever you dream of tonight comes true.


Linda said...

OMG! Judy, you are waaayyy too busy! Hope you take time for yourself this summer. Glad to hear all is going well with the garden. Too much rain and very cool weather here. Wishing sunshine and warmth for us all - soon - very soon!!

cyndy said...

I'd be reaching for the 22 instead of the camera if I saw that whistlepig! But you did get a great shot :0)

My berries are wonderful this year also, need to find a way to keep the waxwings out!

And the twnship just came along and mowed down all of my oxeyes! Why don't they fix the potholes instead?

Happy Solstice!