Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A time flew by round up

If I could have a sneak preview to all the earthly reasons

It takes to make the theme of time then I'd be a girl for all seasons
And I wouldn't have to worry I wouldn't have to worry oh no no no
It just seems kind of funny that there's some things I'll just never
Like where does the time go? Does anyone know?
Where does the time go? Does anyone know?
Where does the time go? Does anyone know?
We were only just saying just the other day
How it's really amazing how the days just seem to slip away
And it's right before my very own eyes
Oh there's some things that we'll never, we'll never know, like
Where does the time go? ~ Fordham Julia - Where Does the Time Go Lyrics

I am as clueless to it's departure as she is...but a quick round up of the past week would go like this....

9/21 woke to this...

A little chilly.  I stayed warm knitting and baking.

9/22 Fall starts and the temperature goes up.  A little back-assward for sure

9/23 Made Rhubarb/Pineapple Jam, took some things up to my cousins shop.  She has dreamed of opening up a shop to sell her alpaca fiber/products from and finally took the leap.  She has her product and also has crafts made by local people.  There is jewlery, quilting, photography...
and stained glass

9/24 Cleaned/got room ready for Sir T & #1 to arrive.  Canned beef stew so some mornings I can be lazy and instead of making him lunch I can just hand him a jar.  Went with a friend to a farmer's market, Sam's Club, AC Moore and dinner.  We didn't get home until 10 PM.

9/25 Took wheel up to cousin's grand opening.  She had stayed there until 3 AM setting up and was so nervous/excited.  It was a beautiful day and I sat outside in the shade of a tree spinning with two alpaca and plenty of inquisitive people for company.  Left at 1 with just enough time to put two roasts and all the fixings into the oven for dinner and then it was taking #2 daughter to a friends birthday party.  Upon returning from that I was amazed at the amount of wood the man got stacked told him to call it a day.  Then it was time for dinner with all my kids and their significant others.  It was a very enjoyable day.

9/26 After breakfast we all went to the garden and dug up the rest of the potatoes and a cocoon.  All I could think of was Silence of the Lambs.

We picked the squash, the rest of the tomatoes and carried it all in for storage.  #1 and Sir T left and we went to my nephews football game and then his birthday party.  Came home exhausted.  Sat down and rented Robin Hood

9/27 Was one of those days where I should have just sat in a corner.  On Saturday, I had received some apples from a friend.  They left them sitting on the back porch and I left them there....but then the chickens found them....and then the hornets found them.
Since everyone was at work/school I decided to make some apple cinnamon bread.  I forgot to put the baking soda in and the chickens ended up with two loaves.  Since I still had a significant amount of apples left I decided to make apple pie filling and can it.  I washed the jars, made the filling, took the jars out of the hot water, filled them, put them back into the hot water batch.  I wash up the dishes I used and turn around and the lid is up in the air on the canner.  I take the lid off and three....not one or two but three jars have broken.  I get out what I can and let the rest finish processing.  I have never had that happen and I was now disgusted with the day.  Stopped in to see my cousin and found I made some $$ so that made the day some what better.  Grabbed #2 daughter from the bus stop and went to #2 son's football game.  Sat on the bleachers in the pouring rain until the start of the third quarter when I said enough.  We lost but son did a great job with a tackle and a fumble recovery!

9/28  Weather man said a few showers in the AM and then clearing.  It was looking nice so I loaded the line with towels and sheets....it is now pouring down rain.  Today looks like it is turning out like yesterday...I better not risk poisoning the family and just order dinner out!


cyndy said...

It was nice running into you, but as always..not enough time!

Can't imagine what happened to the apple pie filling jars? Air bubbles maybe? What a mess, not to mention waste :-(

Linda said...

OMG, Judy! You've had a couple of "character building" days! Well, there was a full moon, afterall. Things always go wonky for me when there's a full moon! Here's hoping no more of these kind of days for you for a long time to come! Have a great, relaxing day!