Tuesday, October 05, 2010


"Then summer fades and passes and October comes. We'll smell smoke then,

and feel an unexpected sharpness, a thrill of nervousness, swift elation, a
sense of sadness and departure."- Thomas Wolfe

While out last night I smelled someones wood smoke for the first time this season.  Today's high  is only going to be in the 50's so I am sure they will keep it going.  So far I have abstained from using my heat as it is still comfortable in here with the canning/cooking/baking, but the comfy-ness of a fire sounds wonderful.

There is so much clean up still to do in the garden.  The green beans are still producing.  I grabbed some basil this morning and plan to make basil ice cubes for winter's use.  I also filled a basket with hot peppers.  I have cherry tomato plants which are still in blossom.   I have thought about covering them and seeing how far they will go.  They are in a raised bed out of the main area so won't hinder my clean up.  The blackberry canes need to be cut down...and the list goes on.

The weatherman said we had snow on October 15th last year.  That sent me into a tizzy wondering if I was ready for it this year.  I hate to drive in the snow and avoid it as much as possible so I want to be well stocked so I don't have to go out.  Doing a quick check, I will need more sugar, flour and onions.  The screens have to come down and windows washed.  Those darn ladybugs haven't had their last hurrah yet so I have left the screens on.  Farmwise...The turkeys will be leaving on the 17th, the pigs will be leaving soon after that. The sheep will need more hay but I have a reliable source so I am not too worried about that.  The chicken coop should be cleaned out once more.  The firewood is split, stacked and covered but the chimney didn't get cleaned in the Spring so still needs to be done.  Little nephew has been collecting pine cones for me to use as fire starters so I am good there.

That is the minimum that has to be done.  I would say we are 80% ready but the 20% side somehow grows when you add one more pass of the lawnmower, raking leaves, making sure all the summer tools are cleaned up/put away, get the snowblower ready, double check the vehicles......

If I think too much about it I will go nuts so it is best to just keep busy and attack the list piece by piece and hope for the best.  Guess I will start by cooking the chicken for tonights Spicy Chicken Soup....and then laundry...and vacuuming...and cleaning the fridge...dishes...

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cyndy said...

Soup sounds good, what time do we eat?

That woodstove smoke you smelled was not mine!

I haven't burned yet either, although...early morning coffee hour is spent with my angora shawl around my shoulders ;-)

You are so organized! No wonder you get so much accomplished.