Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

If a task is once begun,

Never leave it till it's done.
Be the labor great or small,
Do it well or not at all.
~ Anonymous

That sounds like something my mother use to say.  I would walk around telling her  "Well my momma done told me....".  Eventually she would tire of my repeated words of wisdom and tell me that my mother "should have shut her mouth"!  She was a hoot!

But seriously we are recovering from our Labor Day weekend.  As everyone knows the weekend starts on Friday and Friday just happened to be #1 daughters birthday.  Her and Sir T arrived late Friday evening to celebrate.  #1 son and A were here so bedtime came late.

Saturday the man had to go to work and #2 son had football practice.  When everyone got back home the guys gravitated toward yard work while daughters and I started canning.  We canned tomatoes (of course), soup, and rhubarb/orange butter before dinner.

Sunday was Sir T's birthday.  #1 daughter made him a wonderful breakfast in which we all got to indulge.  While the man and I went to help a friend they left to go shopping and have dinner with #1 son and A.  Sir T had requested, from a family friend,  a coconut pound cake to be used as strawberry shortcake for his birthday.  When they got back home she delivered it to the both of them for their birthday's.

Monday arrived (43 degrees!!) and we all went to see #2 son play in this years first game. 
Our varsity team beat our archenemy on Friday evening and our JV and freshman teams beat them on Monday.  I was able to get a little knitting done during the ride and half time. 
While the #1's went out shopping and visiting the rest of us came home to veg a little.....5 minutes....and then the man started putting a new motor in my cars rear window, #2 son started vacuuming my car and #2 daughter and I headed to the bean patch.  The beans ended up in the frig as I dealt with the accumulation of hot peppers.  With the men folk being big on hot stuff, I found a recipe for hot pepper relish and #1 daughter and I made that while everyone else went fishing. 

Today the man had to go to work.  Sir T planned the day off so he and #1 daughter missed the holiday traffic.  They will stop and have dinner with his mom on their way home.  They will not be able to come back until Thanksgiving so we need to send them off with a love from home package to tide them over.  Now I have to go find a box to pack it in.  Tomorrow school starts.....

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cyndy said...

I don't know how you keep up with everything!

Whatcha knitting?

Hope tomorrow is a good day for everyone!