Monday, September 20, 2010

Endings are new beginnings

"To grow plants from our own seed, to save seeds from our own plants, goes to a deeper level. It is fulfillment and continuity plants and people maintaining each other, nurturing each other, evolving together. It
completes the circle.” Carol Deppe

Slowly the garden is winding down and I have been saving seed for next years garden.  While saving seed your mind is already on next years garden.  For the most part I am very happy with this years.  Next year the garden is getting enlarged so I will have more room.  I will grow less hot peppers...less basil...and will grow corn. 

I am still canning.  Today it is dehydrating parsley

then making quince/apple jelly and bacon jelly. 

Yes it sounds strange but that is why I have got to try it.  I have a lot of tomatoes, peppers and squash still to go.  Tomorrow is pumpkin butter.  When all the canning is done I will post what I actually got out of some seeds and sweat. 

After canning all day I sit down and what do I knit?  I have been knitting and crocheting gourds, squash and pumpkins.  I guess my mind is still in the garden but in my defense they are so quick to knit is indian corn.

Pretty soon this will end and socks and mittens will be on the needles.



Linda said...

You're knitted veggies are sooo cute! Beautiful! Have a great day with all your canning, freezing and drying. I wish I had a tenth of your energy! Btw, LOL about your dad's fishing car. Aren't men strange?!

Sandie Knapp said...

Your little squash and knit pumpkins are adorable, and I love the colors!

You will have to explain bacon jelly. I've never heard of such a thing. I sure hope it tastes good, but not sure how good-for-you it will be. LOL